5 Easy Work From Home Hairstyles and Tips For Maintaining Your Hair

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5 Easy Work From Home Hairstyles and Tips For Maintaining Your Hair
The covid-19 pandemic brought us into an alarming time with the sensible objective to stay at home for our safety. The Digital era gave birth to many sophisticated modern technologies that enabled us to work from home during unfavorable times. IRL (in real life) meetings shift to virtual video conferences, programmers work from home, and businesses adapt to digital marketing. What about your beauty routine?

Most of the salons aren’t operating due to pandemic protocols. The setting for your regular hair maintenance vanishes while your get-up becomes an essential part of the video conference world- your new workplace.  Nobody expects you to look weird, so it’s wise to make an effort to style your hair to achieve a glamorous look and impress everyone. Let’s get more insights on five WFH (work from home) hairstyles and tips on maintaining your hair.

  1. Try easy and quick Coastline Waves or Beach Waves

A few informal coastline waves is a quick and easy upgrade to your new hairstyle. Improper waves portray a perfect look and create an instant impression. Hair specialists recommend using the heating iron to get perfect waves for various hair types. It is fast and easy to develop voluminous modern waves and elongated shapes.

Divide your hair into upper sections to get this simple hairstyle. Wind the hair diagonally across the hair iron and pull every section of the hair to get the desired waves. Mist your great waves with a texturizing spray for positioning your new hairstyle for a longer duration.

  1. Treat yourself with a simple Blowout

Rock a salon-quality blowout at your home without a professional hairstylist. Blowout is a worthy hairstyle as per the effort in styling.  You need patience and passion for this polished new hairstyle to portray your positive vibes in virtual meetings.

Initiate this new hairstyle with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Indulge in some self-care methods such as multi-beneficial hair masks for shining and moisturizing. Shield your hair with heat-buffering thermal hairspray from the excessive heat and achieve damp strands. Divide your hair into small horizontal sections; part your hair from side to side. Clip each flat section to secure it while drying the bottom section. Ensure the bottom vertical subsections are distinct and manageable. In the first section, insert a round brush and blow the dryer from roots to ends. Direct the ends of hair away from your face by twisting it around the comb except for the sides.

Protip:  Switch to horizontal subsections while drying your hair to achieve voluminous hair.

  1. Create simple and cute Ponytail

A quick ponytail is a simple hairstyle to portray your descent look and attitude. To attend high-level video conferences, you can instantly upgrade your ponytail with these strategies.

Let’s start with a twist, unlike your routine ponytail. Curl your hair first and put on a ponytail to make your hair look fuller and polished.

For a voluminous hair and dressed-up effect, pull baby hair out on top while gathering your hair for a ponytail. These free falling tendrils to fall open will make your hair look soft and enhance the feminine vibe. Use a small section of hair from the pony to wrap around the elastic band. Secure the ends of the hair underneath the base of the ponytail with a bobby pin. Now you have a cute and straightforward ponytail convenient for you to work from home.

  1. Pay attention to the Front Waves

Are you running short of time to do your hair for a video conference? Quick touch up in the frontal hair is the secret to save time. Wave or curl your face’s frontal sections visible on the camera and hide the rest behind your head. The front waves will give you a glamorous look in front of the camera.

  1. Hide your root with the messy bun

The root hair is tough to mask or style. Do a cute messy bun to save time while hiding your roots. To add volume and texture to your hair, tease and squeeze the hair roots with dry shampoo and conditioner. Gather all the hair towards the crown and create a bun shape. Ensure to secure the bun with an elastic band. Tickle the unsecured hair below the elastic band and secure the bun’s base with few bobby pins. Conclude it by applying light hairspray for texture and positioning the style for a .longer duration.

Consequences of not maintaining your hair!

Your hair will stop growing at a point if you lack care for your hair. Hair fall, dandruff, dullness, and dryness are the significant reasons for not maintaining your hair. An ingrown hair will appear on your scalp if you don’t wash your hair for a longer duration. You will feel itchy and experience massive hair fall while using the wrong hair care products.

“Prevention is better than cure,” let’s look into the following hair caring and maintaining tips.

  1. Wash your hair regularly

Regular hair wash ensures the dirt and excess oil-free scalp. Limit your washing routine to twice a week for dehydrated hair.

  1. Use natural or chemical-free hair products

Lesser chemicals on your hair enhance healthy hair. Choose gentle shampoos as per your hair texture. Sulfates and parabens produce lather in shampoos, but it causes skin irritation and increases the risk of hormonal disruptions over time.

  1. Proper conditioning

The conditioner contains ingredients to protect your hair from heat styling and environmental aggressors. Apply the conditioners to the tip of hair without touching your scalp and rinse thoroughly for shiny, healthy hair.

  1. Let your hair dry naturally

Excessive heat styling damages your hair scalp. Air drying or plopping technique is the best way to dry and style your hair. Never sleep in wet hair or comb damp hair. Squeeze your hair gently with your hand rather than harsh rubbing with a towel to prevent the cuticle.

  1. Proper oiling

Oiling and massaging before washing your hair improves blood circulation in the scalp, relaxes your muscles, and boosts your hair’s shining factor. It helps restore moisture content, stimulates hair growth, and repairs split ends. Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and castor oil are good for oiling your hair.

Pro Tip: Do not use mineral oil on your hair

Wrap up

While working from home, your mind may be whirling about the online tasks and new vibes with fresh adjustments. The research concludes that ideally, the right hairdo boosts your motivation to work from home and efficiently accomplish your task. This pandemic revolutionized girls’ new hairstyles with an easy technique to style and maintain for a longer duration at a minimal and affordable cost. These simple hairstyles take less time to style without compromising your look.

It is vital to maintain your hair to prevent hair loss, damaged hair, and look like celebrities. What if you don’t have good natural hair or your hair is damaged?

Don’t worry, Diva Divine Hair Wigsare the instant secret towards your glamorous transformation.

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