How to Buy Cheap Wholesale T-Shirts in Jacksonville Florida

Wholesale T-Shirts in Jacksonville

How to Buy Cheap Wholesale T-Shirts in Jacksonville, Florida

Blank t-shirts are ideal for promotion; for the same reason, businesses invest in them in bulk. If you are initiating a clothing brand or want to promote a sports team, blank tees can do this for you. Usually, blank t-shirts are inexpensive owing to their simplicity. You will also come across premium blank t-shirts brands in Jacksonville, Florida. Nevertheless, you can get your hands on wholesale t-shirts in Jacksonville, Florida, for a cheap price following several tips. In this post, we shall share those tips with you to help you get blank t-shirts at a minimum price.

Tip #1: Consider Manufacturer

Different manufacturers produce blank t-shirts; hence, you will find hundreds of blank t-shirts of different manufacturers in an apparel store. Usually, manufacturers producing basic priced tees are your best option to benefit from blank tees at reduced prices. If you invest in basic priced blank t-shirts online and in bulk, you can avail of more discounts. One of the popular brands of basic t-shirts is Gildan. For the same reason, Gildan t-shirts have a reputation in Jacksonville, Florida, among t-shirt enthusiasts.

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Tip #2: Consider a Renowned Wholesaler

You will find blank t-shirts in many online apparel stores in Jacksonville, Florida. However, you cannot invest in blank t-shirts if an online wholesaler has not a positive reputation among its buyers. The best online wholesaler will not charge a fixed price for its blank t-shirts. It will offer you the best discounts on its blank wholesale tees and even more if you buy in bulk. Typically, the shipping cost becomes zero if you reach a certain amount when purchasing blank tees online. Moreover, the best online apparel stores also help their customers to get more savings through coupon code offers in Jacksonville. Hence, you should buy wholesale t-shirts in Jacksonville, Florida, from an online wholesaler offering you the best discounts.

Tip #3: Consider the Fabric

Usually, you will find cotton, polyester, and blended fabric blank t-shirts in Jacksonville, Florida. There are some other t-shirt fabrics, too, but those materials are not very common for t-shirt manufacturing. Here is what you can expect from common t-shirt materials:

  1. Cotton T-Shirts: Cotton t-shirts are expensive than Polyester t-shirts. Nevertheless, these t-shirts are your best deal for screen printing. Placing an order for screen printing cotton t-shirts in bulk can aid you in reducing your cost. Hence, investing in cotton t-shirts can save you money in the long run for effective brand promotion. Cotton t-shirts are the pick of individuals owing to their softness and breathability. In other words, cotton t-shirts are very comfy to wear; thus, people purchase them in Jacksonville, Florida.
  1. Polyester: Polyester t-shirts are inexpensive than 100% cotton t-shirts. Nevertheless, these t-shirts are highly durable and moisture-wicking. For the same reason, athletes and gymnasts prefer wearing polyester t-shirts. Polyester t-shirts support screen printing, but they can increase the printing cost due to a less smooth surface than cotton. Polyester t-shirts are less breathable than cotton but do not shrink like cotton.
  1. Blended: The most popular t-shirt blend includes a combination of cotton and polyester. Hence, people who want to feel the softness of cotton and the durability of polyester opt for these t-shirts in Jacksonville. Nevertheless, poly-cotton blend t-shirts are inexpensive than 100% cotton t-shirts.

Tip #4: Considering Supplier

If you want to start your clothing brand of blank t-shirts, you should choose your supplier wisely. Different suppliers deal in blank t-shirts of popular brands in Jacksonville, Florida. Researching about different t-shirt suppliers online will help you know about them in detail. You may consult three or four suppliers of blank t-shirts to choose your option (s) and start your business.

How Does Blank T-Shirts Profit a Business?

Blank t-shirts profit businesses in different ways. Firstly, the investment cost is low to initiate this business owing to the simplicity of blank tees. Secondly, many businesses invest in blank tees in bulk because screen printing t-shirts is cost-effective for brand promotion. Thirdly, blank t-shirts have gained popularity in fashion. For the same reason, celebrities also choose blank t-shirts to highlight an ongoing fashion trend. Moreover, the sale of blank t-shirts increases if businesses come up with the best-selling strategy and on time. Hence, blank t-shirts are a profitable investment for a business.


Wholesale t-shirts in Jacksonville, Florida, come at different price ranges, ranging from basic to premium. Nevertheless, you can get your hands on blank t-shirts at reduced prices, keeping the following points in mind:

  1. Opt for those manufacturers’ basic blank t-shirts, having a positive reputation.
  2. Choose a renowned online wholesaler to get blank t-shirts at reduced prices.
  3. Select blank t-shirts of the right materials online based on your needs to minimize the investment cost.
  4. Choose a credible and economical supplier if you are investing in blank t-shirts to initiate a business.

Lastly, blank t-shirts are a cheap investment for business and profit them with bulk sales in Jacksonville, Florida.


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