How To Speak English Well 5 Simple Tips For Extraordinary Fluency

Speak English Well

How To Speak English Well: 5 Simple Tips For Extraordinary Fluency

According to the studies, the majority of the native speakers of the English language gather approximately 5000 words by the age of six when they are about to start their primary schooling. Eventually, this number will be far greater with advanced English education, such as an IELTS preparation course

The numbers across the 20000 marks by the time individuals apply for higher education in universities. But on the other hand, non-native English language speakers collect only around 2000 to 3000 words even after several years of learning. One of these research papers has shown that to understand and communicate in a conversation, the listeners have to know the meaning of at least 90 percent of the spoken words.

This means for everyday communication speakers who use the English language. They need to know the essential 3000 English words, which are the most frequent ones. Through this engaging numerical portrait, we can understand the issue. The analytics show that adults who are native speakers of English use 15 percent of their available vocabulary.


This small percentage is utilized for expressing the majority of their typical emotions, wants, and needs.  The sentences roll out of their mouth so seamlessly because they use these on a day-to-day basis. But it is only so simple for native English speakers. The analytics have also confirmed the fluency of native English speakers under the age of 6. To nonnative speakers of the English language, these kids sound awesomely fluent.

Kids of that age can even engage themselves in several conversations with grown-ups even though they have very little vocabulary knowledge.



English teacher online India states that the goal of the new speaker of the English language should be delivering the thought. They should not focus too much on the perfection or fluency of their spoken skills.

Even the adult native speakers of English stumble here and there. Notice the most commonly happening mistakes. It can be vocabulary or grammatical.


This is a great tool for the newbies who Aspire to be fluent in the English language one day. When learners see a new word or never before heard idiom or sentence’s grammatical structure, it sparks their curiosity.

This visual experience of reading excellently registers in the brain. This is why regular reading is beneficial to speak fluently in English.


The best teacher on YouTube in India suggests Listening is another great sense individuals can use for learning this new language. The more they listen, the simpler it becomes for them to improve. This practice can ease the learning curve.

It helps boost the confidence of the learner. The hearing process also upgrades the knowledge gathering part. Through fluent English speaking courses, Learners come across new sentence structures and expressions. Slowly but surely, they can fluently give their opinions.

Continuously look for opportunities to polish your spoken skills in English. One of them can be thinking in this language. Similar to this, you can also talk to yourself in this language.

You can use the mirror. This way, you can develop the Expression of your sentences. Through this process, you can also find out your weaker points.

Individuals can also take the help of English speaking courses. It may feel odd at first, but with time, it will grow in you.


Best spoken English teacher online suggests enriching your vocabulary by gathering at least two new words a day.

Which means you will have 14 new words per week. Try to incorporate these freshly learned words in your conversations.


These essential 3000 words are extremely essential. —both for understanding the dialogue with another person and for expressing your thoughts.


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