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Why Citizens Are Ordering Finishing A Basement In Chicago

The range of use of a basement is much wider than it seems at first glance. People often think of finishing a basement in Chicago to add additional room and use it as extra living space.

Under the guidance of a skilled designer, the interior of the basement in a private house can take on a completely different look – it can become not just an ordinary part of the home, but an effective addition and highlight of the house.

Even if you have a house already with a good basement, it is never too late to redo the interior of the basement to implement a creative idea.

What Work Should Be Done Before Arranging the Basement Room

It’s a great deal to perform finishing a basement in Chicago and to use it with usage. Before starting finishing activities, you need to perform the following work:

Make a Waterproofing System

For these purposes, roll-up waterproofing materials and special solutions are suitable. Both options can be combined.

Lay Insulation

Place panels made of mineral or stone wool, polystyrene, or expanded polystyrene into the crate of metal profiles. At this stage, engineering communications and electricity can be carried out in the crate.

It is Important to Insulate Not Only the Walls But Also the Floor

To do this, use expanded clay or foam chips. This process is carried out at the stage of creating a concrete screed.

Create Drainage to Remove Water and Moisture

It is advisable to protect the house foundation from moisture. This is an important nuance since there is high humidity in the basements and there is a risk of harm from melt and rainwater.

Install a Ventilation System

It can be natural and mechanical. The second option is preferable for this type of premises.

Basement Operation Options

We offer you to familiarize yourself with interesting design options for the basement floor and basement.

Place to Rest

This is a good solution for those who like to relax at home in the company of loved ones. The advantage of this solution is that no noise, food, or hookah smells will be heard in the living rooms. People often make the decision to perform finishing a basement in Chicago and create for themselves a lovely corner where they can forget all the rush and stay happy.

You can lay a carpet with a small pile on the floor to make it comfortable for your feet.

Sheathe the ceiling with corkwood, and lay wooden beams along and across it.

Basement interiors intended for recreation may not include windows. It will be enough artificial lighting – point and central.

Set up a sofa area – a few leather chairs and a sofa, and next to them, put a coffee table made of wood.

Place a pool table in the center of the room (do not forget about additional lighting for it).

Home Theater

Such an abasement interior of a private house can also be without windows. Concrete walls and ceilings can be painted in a color pleasing to the eye, and carpet can be laid on the floor.

Make Spot Lighting in the Ceiling that can be Dimmed

Place soft sofas with wide seats and decorative pillows in front of the screen.

Along the wall where the home theater is, place cabinets or shelves for storage.

Place a round low table with a glass surface and two wide leather poufs near the sofa area.

Additional Kitchen

The interior of the basement of a cottage or country house can be designed as an additional kitchen. This decision is advisable when the owners are engaged in conservation and periodically receive a large number of guests.

Decorate the walls and ceiling with a wooden clapboard covered with clear varnish and protective impregnations from moisture.

Lay Ceramic Tiles on the Floor.

Mount several kitchen chandeliers in the ceiling.

Place a spacious kitchen set made of natural wood along the wall.


This is a good option for those who prefer paper editions to e-books.
Plaster the ceiling and walls in pastel colors, lay on the floor tiles in the form of a mosaic of a dull color with a matte finish.

Make spotlighting (ceiling-mounted lamps) and basic.

Place bookshelves along the wall, which can be up to the ceiling.

Hang some pictures of your favorite subjects on the wall.

Put a soft and cozy armchair with a high back, a sofa, and next to it – a low coffee table made of dark varnished wood to enjoy reading books in a comfortable environment.

Playroom for Children

If there is not enough space in the nursery for games, the design of the basement can be a playroom.

Plaster or paint the walls in milky and cream tones, lay a soft beige carpet on the floor.

Arrange a toy house or castle near one of the walls, if the height of the ceiling allows, it can be on several floors.

Place a dresser for children to store toys and board games.

If you are the owner of a private house with a basement, you have a lot of opportunities for arranging the basement of the house, especially if you enlist the help of a talented designer.

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