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How to limit appetite? Identify the causes and eliminate them naturally

How to limit appetite? Identify the causes and eliminate them naturally

Why do we tend to overeat and reach for sugar-rich foods?

Identify the reasons why you have a sweet tooth and, at the same time, find effective solutions – this can sometimes be a really difficult mission. Therefore, we have compiled a set of 5 questions that will give you a helping hand.

# 1 Do you suffer from excessive stress?

Stress can trigger various health problems and is also one of the causes of increased sweet taste. Why? The desire for sugar has a psychological origin and has nothing to do with hunger.

Chronic stress is associated with increased consumption of sweets and fatty foods, which seriously affects the development of overweight or obesity. Thanks to these foods, a reaction similar to those that occur with drug use are created in the brain (!): A “deserved” reward has arrived. Avoiding stressful situations and getting stress under control is the best defense against reaching for unhealthy foods.

High sugar consumption raises the chance of cancer, oxidative stress, inflammation, and obesity and affects cognitive function and mental health. After consumption, hormones are released that reduce feelings of anxiety, which also increases the desire for a comfortable meal, thus maintaining emotional eating habits

# 2 Can you trade junk food for fruit?

Consumption of fruit is recommended for higher sugar content, especially in the morning. However, if you taste sweets, it is always better to eat a banana or an apple instead of cones, stuffed croissants, or various desserts that “smile” at you in a cafe.

Even a cube of hot chocolate with a high cocoa content does not have to be a step aside, but be careful not to overdo it. This also applies to dried fruits and nuts. It’s a healthy alternative to banish the sweet tooth, but one handful is the maximum serving.

Our tip for reducing sweet taste: Dialexin Balance contains an extract from the rare plant Gymnema Sylvestre (gourmet). It contributes to optimal blood sugar levels, supports glucose metabolism, and helps regulate appetite (especially sweets). In Ayurveda medicine, this plant is mainly used antidiabetic to treat diabetes, stimulate the pancreatic function, and reduce insulin resistance.

# 3 Do you have quality sleep?

Lack of sleep affects the production of the hormone ghrelin. If this hormone tells you nothing, know that it is the cause of feelings of hunger. On the contrary, the peptide production, the hormone that makes us feel full, decreases the shorter we sleep. Increasing sleep time to a scientifically supported 8 hours and improving sleep quality may be the answer to reducing appetite.

Fatigue from not sleeping is mostly the cause of the sweet taste because we reach for foods that are supposed to fill the gap and quickly replenish energy.

Studies reveal a link between sleep deprivation and cravings for high-calorie meals, especially in women. A survey of nearly 500 women between the ages of 20 and 76 found that women who reported low sleep quality or lack of sleep also consumed more foods high in added sugars, saturated fats, and caffeine.

# 4 are you skipping breakfast?

Skipping breakfast is the next step – if you want to limit your sweet tooth naturally. Breakfast high in protein and fiber can help keep the sweet taste in check. For example, ordinary hen’s eggs with wholemeal bread can be a breakfast that will make you feel richer for longer, and you are less likely to reach for sweets.

# 5 Do you exercise?

People who exercise regularly have a better ability to resist high-calorie foods. Researchers confirm that replacing sedentary behavior with physical activity reduces psychological and physiological responses to stress and can help disrupt high-calorie snacks’ regular consumption. Also, help to improve your erection or you can try Fildena 100.


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