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How have online recharging apps made a revolution 

Recharging Apps

How have online recharging apps made a revolution 

The use of mobile dominates the world in today’s time. The biggest factor that has increased the growth of smartphones is mobile applications. In today’s world, we have mobile applications for almost all the work – from ordering food to reading news, bank-related work, entertainment, booking a flight, even if you want to pay your bills or recharge your mobile, everything has phone applications now. (Recharging Apps)

With the rapid growth in mobile applications, smartphones have come a long way and have opened gates to so many other businesses. Today apps like Paytm, MobiKwik, Google Pay, PhonePay, and so many other apps have become inevitably famous because they have made banking and transferring money simpler. (Recharging Apps)

It is not easy to put in all the businesses in some apps and that is when app developers come into the picture. They are a bunch of experts who know how the technology works and connect it with mobile apps. These app developers come with the best ways to make our lives simpler and easier. (Recharging Apps)

Many service providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio have come up with apps that have given dimension to recharge your phones.

Other DTH companies like TataSky also have their app where people can go and recharge according to the pack that they have subscribed to. This way people do not have to move out of the house all the time for the smallest of things like recharging.

Paytm is the most trusted app for mobile recharge. Paytm allows hassle-free recharging services along with a bunch of deals and offers regularly to enhance your experience.

Amazon Recharge
Amazon is the most trusted website for everything – shopping, music, shows, and now even recharge. You can recharge your phone without any issues and with utmost convenience. You just have to enter your phone number (without the country code) and enter the amount that needs to be recharged. That’s it! Your mobile will be recharged this easily.

You can also use Amazon recharge coupons that are widely available on These coupons will help you in getting the best discount on your recharge and would help you in saving money. So, visit right away and redeem the best coupon on your recharge and save a lot of money!

Freecharge is a company that is based in Gurugram. It is a financial servicing company that is used for payments, savings, insurance, investment, as well as, lending. This app allows users to pay their bills and recharge their phones! It is one of the best apps that can be used to recharge your mobile easily, without facing any issues. You just need to log in to the app, enter your number, and choose one of the plans from the list. Done! By following these steps, your recharge would be done easily.

MobiKwik is a digital payment company that lets you pay your bills and recharge through your mobile and digital wallet. Customers can add the money to their digital wallets.  You can easily recharge your phone through this app. Just keep the money added to your digital wallet and use it at any time of the day.

Pockets by ICICI bank
Pocket is an e-wallet powered by ICICI bank that allows the customers (of any bank) to use the app for recharging their phones, sending money, paying for any online purchase, bills, and so much more. This app has made it much easier as Pockets also comes with a physical shopping card that one can use on any website or any other retail store! So, You can use this as a shopping card as well!

PayZapp by HDFC bank
Users can use this app to book flights, tickets, shop online, or recharge your phone. The only drawback of this app is that only HDFC users can use it. Any customer who is a debit or credit card holder of HDFC is eligible for this app. If you do not have an account, you cannot use this app.

Nowadays, so many new apps are gaining enough prominence. You can now even read news through these apps. Most of the leading news channels have left no stone unturned to deliver the right news on a real-time basis on your mobile phones. With the advent of mobile applications, you can also find expense management apps that have emerged as one of the most helpful tools for all people who are keen to keep a track of their expenses through their smartphones. There are so many financial apps through which you can get to know your expenditure pattern and it also induces you to save your money which in turn is a good option.

On the other hand, so many e-wallets, that we just discussed, like Paytm, Freecharge, MobiKwik, and, the rest have given a new face to payments. You can pay your utility bills, recharge your phones within seconds. And the most productive thing is that these apps provide you amazing cashback offers too.

If you want to check out some Amazon India coupon codes, you will find them on These coupon codes might provide you great recharge discounts!

Mobile apps are bringing in a revolution that is changing the way we live. Today, having a smartphone in your pocket is like having the entire world with you. Many new businesses are keeping in mind the importance of mobile apps and how these apps can benefit them. Since all these apps have made life easier, try them out and enjoy the convenience!


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