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How to Cancel Nintendo Online?

Cancel Nintendo Online

How to Cancel Nintendo Online?

Nintendo Online is a service platform officially for the switch users to subscribe either monthly or yearly packages. This official service offers access to Nintendo Switch Online App, online gameplay and some of the SNES/NES game titles. However, the subscription to this service automatically renews the subscription for the following year or month.

If you find yourself intending to cancel and instead switch back to your free Nintendo account, ensure you follow these easy steps to opt-out of your premium Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

Cancelling Nintendo Switch Online Membership

For you to successfully cancel your Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions, ensure that you revoke the current renewal payment option. By doing so, you can still continue to enjoy your Online Membership for the days remaining on the payment period.

  • Ensure that you switch on your Nintendo Switch and be sure to open the Nintendo eShop app.
  • Ensure you select Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top-right.
  • Click on the Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Hit on the terminate Automatic Renewal Remember that it can take up to two days for the subscription renewal cancellation to register, therefore, ensure to do this at least two days prior to your membership renewal date.
  • A pop-up message will be displayed showing the expiration date of your Switch Online subscription. Ensure you note it down so that you can’t forget it.
  • Be sure to hit on the termination Keep in mind that if you have a membership, canceling the online subscription will cancel it for anyone else in the family as well.
  • A pop-up confirmation message will be displayed. Ensure you click

Now, the automatic renewal you’re your Switch Online subscription will be canceled and end on the date offered to you.

If you will ever intend to enable the automatic subscription renewal again ensure you return to the same screen and select renew.

How to CancelNintendo Online Subscription using a web browser?

In this procedure, you will be using a browser to do the cancellation instead of the Nintendo Switch method. The procedure is similar to Switch Console, however, you will use the Nintendo web page to cancel the subscription. You will need to log in from the user to cancel the premium subscriptions from your account settings. Ensure you follow these steps to cancel your Nintendo online subscription using a browser.

  • Open your browser and navigate to the Nintendo web page. Ensure that you log in to your account and select the account icon.
  • A side window will pop and be sure to select the settings
  • Select the shop menu option located on the right side.
  • You will need to scroll down and ensure that you select the Your Subscriptions
  • You will see the online membership, open it and be sure to click on the Turn Off Automatic Renewal button to switch it off.

The online membership will continue until the expiration date.


Can I get a refund for Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Online doesn’t refund users for cancellation of the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription since it is hard to turn off the membership instantly. Instead, the automatic renewal is paused and you will get access to the service until the date of expiration.

It may be possible to be refunded only if you have a Switch Online Membership gift card and if you have not redeemed it, you haven’t revealed the code, you own the receipt, and the shop you bought it from allows gift card returns.


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