What Are The Major Issues In Education Today

Issues In Education Today

What Are The Major Issues In Education Today?

What is education? Does it mean getting good marks and just boost about it? Or it really means to gain knowledge. I think the first one is the option we all take definitely which is badly destroying the education system.
Well-educated societies have more chances of grooming and development than illiterate societies. But unfortunately, we are going back in educating ourselves.
Our education system all over the world needs improvement. Making plans for making, it better is a lot easier as compared to working on the plans.

What to solve?

The problems change with time depending on how the people involved in education label them including students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Within the education system, especially in underdeveloped companies.


It is considered the major issue contributing to a low education system all over the world. Even in the US, the level of poverty-stricken children is 22 percent. As students who are deprived of proper sleep and food show very low academic performance.
These kinds of students have the highest rate of dropouts. Every school is aware of these circumstances. But are failed to do any betterment. Children dropping out of the system are considered ill literate that increases the ratio of illiteracy.

Family issues

It is most commonly seen that most of the houses are going through these issues. It is a rare case nowadays that a family is living happily. Parental conflicts, divorce, single parenting, fights, and abuse are commonly seen in every family.
The sad news is parents, teachers and institutional administrators are aware of this but still. Don’t want to take any steps for improving. They don’t feel how this ill behavior is affecting the children and their education. Teachers often try to reduce this, but it can’t get any better until parents realize the consequences.

Modern technology

With the advancement in modern technologies day by day. Young children are becoming more proficient in technology than old generation teachers. That’s why they are unable to attend the lectures in the class as they consider it dull and boring in
front of modern technology. Secondly, some teachers don’t have knowledge about how to link knowledge with modern technology. They simply fail to make the class more interesting.


It creates a severe impact on student’s learning behavior especially younger students.
This threat makes them academically weak and reduces their confidence. Can also become the reason for dropping out. But still, like others, this issue also remained unresolved.

Students’ behaviors

Many students show disrespect for the seniors and teachers in educational institutions. These ill behaviors negatively affect their own personality and others around them.
These kinds of students are not ready to listen to anyone that makes them rebellious which adversely affects the teachers.

Parent’s involvement

Most of the parents don’t show their interest in their child’s academic performance. This remains a major issue for the decrease in the quality of educations. They are not willing to take an interest or know what their child is going through. But at the same time also trust the institution and teachers.

Student’s health

Student’s health is very important for better academic performance. Now a day’s proper diet is just like a dream that is just out of reach. Youngsters are consuming fast and junk foods more than a pure diet. This is causing them to become obese and making them ill. Many young people are suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. These kinds of health conditions are a threat to good performance in academics.

Teacher’s salaries

Schools are working on alternative days that are the biggest threat to the education system and teacher’s performance. Teachers are a very necessary part of education.
When they will not get the benefits they deserve to get, nothing can destroy the education system more. The administration just for minor reasons that create stress among them which directly and indirectly affects student learning.

Class Size

Educationists have found out that small class size is very beneficial for student learning. As in a small class, the teacher can easily make sure that every student is getting the objectives of the lecture he/she is trying to teach. But most importantly class size exceeds the balance.
And a single teacher is not able to handle all of them which results in ignorance of some students.
Every member of society is responsible for these issues and their resolution too.


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