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How do I find a cheap stay in Europe

I find a cheap stay in Europe

Know how do I find a cheap stay in Europe

Have already booked a flight from the USA to London or any other European destination? And now searching how do I find a cheap stay in Europe? Get the answers to your staycation queries here with tips on finding a budgeted accommodation for your European vacation.

Accommodation and plane bookings are the two expenses that consume most of your traveling budget. And thus, travelers use every means to book these two with the highest savings possible.

For budget travelers, staying on a budget is very important, as if they flex it, they will end up breaking their bank. And remaining on a budget is a difficult task when you are traveling to a destination like Europe. Thus, saving on accommodation bookings is the best way to stay within your budget while making the most of your European endeavor.

Most of the time, budgeted travelers are seen sleeping at an airport, national park, or on garden benches to save the cost of renting accommodation. However, it has bought them more inconveniences than benefits. And without a proper place to rest after a day of visiting several European destinations can make you tired easily.

No matter what staying choice you prefer from a hotel room, dorms, and hostels, no one wants to pay extra for it. Moreover, if you can save money on accommodation booking, you can use them for other things you want to experience on your trip. Like if you are booking connecting flights, then you can book direct flights to Poland from USA to save your time. And thus, finding a budgeted staying option can have a higher impact on your European endeavor.

Let’s know how do I find a cheap stay in Europe

Look for friends of friends or long-lost relatives

The best way to save accommodation money while traveling to Europe is to stay with someone who lives there. Look into your family history or ask your friends to find someone with whom you can stay and save your staying expenses. Try to stay with a local or someone who is settled in Europe for years.

If you thinking that it is too much effort for free accommodation, then you aren’t counting the free food and hospitality you will receive. Also, most of the people whom you visit take you to on a city tour and help you to know it better. Besides this, you will get someone on your side who has more knowledge about local places and restaurants you should visit. And you can use the expert guidance to make the most of your trip except getting a person to rely upon in a foreign land.

Look for a hospitality exchange

The best way to stay for free in Europe and the best way to do it is to live with a local. If you want to stay away from friends and family members, then many websites can make this happen for you.

Websites like Couchsurfing. Hospitality Club and BeWelcome are there to help you out with your accommodation problems. Having the largest and most active communities, these websites help travelers to save their accommodation expenses.

Moreover, through these websites, you will stay with a local and understand the European heritage better. Providing you the opportunity to interact with locals, understand their way of living, these websites are helping many get a good staying place.

Worried about visiting a stranger’s place in a foreign location, well it’s common, but these homes have proved to be safe. Also, the locals that open their gates to unknown people are usually very open-minded and have no judgment criteria.

Shift to hostels

A great way to save accommodation money and not feeling alone in a foreign land. Hostels are an immediate rescue for the people who aren’t convinced of the above plans. You can easily find dormitory-style rooms in hostels where you will share a room with 2 to 3 other people.

If you are thinking that you are too old to stay in a hostel, then trust us, it isn’t a thing only limited to youngsters. And if you are not good at sharing facilities with someone else, then you can always find hostels that provide single rooms. Some hostels also provide double rooms designated for couples that you can consider while traveling with your partner.

Moreover, many hostels are facilitating their guests with the same amenities as hotels at nominal prices. And if you are a solo traveler then hostels are the best places to find a traveling group or others that can join you in your journey.

Look for a home exchange

Are you a well-established person with a home of your own that you can mortgage in home exchange? If yes, then you can go for home exchange programs under which you swap your home with someone living in Europe for a specific time. If you are planning to stay in Europe for over 15 days, then a home exchange is the best way to save costs in both the short and long run.

Most people avoid home exchanges because of security purposes, but when someone else is trusting you with their home, you need to reciprocate the trust.

Go with an Airbnb

Pretty similar to home exchange, but different as you don’t have to swap your homes with anybody else, Airbnb is renting furnished apartments. A great way to save money, Airbnb usually charges lower prices than hotels. A great plan to spend a few days at a traveling destination, Airbnb, is easier to find and doesn’t need you to trust any strangers.

Bridging the gap between hostels and hotels, Airbnbs provides both a good value for money and a home experience. But if you are a solo traveler, and planning to rent an Airbnb for yourself, then you may find them a little expensive than other staying options. But if you are traveling with family or a group of friends and want a private place while staying on budget, then Airbnb is a great option.


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