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What can Brand Personality do for your company?

Brand Personality for company

What can Brand Personality do for your company?

Any businessperson or entrepreneur who intends to connect with their target audience and also make them believe in the message behind the products or services they offer has, as a rule, to define the Brand Personality very well.

What does it consist of? They are all those emotional characteristics that make up the visual and verbal identity of a company. These are directly related to the behavior created in their environment, as well as with their stakeholders; which allows defining the values ​​and mission of the business. In this context, in which characteristics of the human personality are attributed to a company, it is also sought to make a clear and pronounced difference from the competition. The reason is that simply by expressing authenticity and values, it can boost their engagement.

If you want to define the brand personality that you have created, you have to initially understand that a logo is not a brand. The key is to endow it with very particular features, which make it remain in the memory of your target audience; For this, it would be ideal for you to have the support, advice and backing of a digital marketing agency.

On the other hand, it is essential that you know that this strategy will provide you with significant long-term benefits. How? Reinforcing the loyalty of your customers, and ensuring your permanence in the market.

Strong reasons to define the Brand Personality

More and more companies, large and small, are becoming very close to their target audience, experiencing exponential growth in this affinity. All this, thanks to the implementation of a true brand personality.

Likewise, defining the personality of the brand becomes necessary and important because:

  • It allows you to differentiate yourself widely from the competition, and also to be recognized by giving a unique feeling to your products or services.
  • Boost your engagement, through the emotional connection that leads to a greater affinity and trust in the target audience.
  • Establish your corporate identity.
  • Show who you are and how you offer solutions.
  • Determine the marketing strategies you should follow and the events to organize.
  • Define the content strategy that you have to implement in social networks.
  • Always maintain consistency in all your actions, guiding your entire team to stay focused and aligned with your strategy.
  • Notoriously convey the feelings you want to awaken in your customers when they use your products or services.

If you do not define the personality of your brand, you run the risk of it arising by itself or changing every day generating confusion. A valuable advice for you: try to captivate the consumer; In other words, it must be interesting, attractive, pleasant, and also capable of being maintained in the long term.

Models or prototypes

There are different psychological patterns that have given way to different personalities, which are classified into models or prototypes. These determine the way in which people process sensations, images and perceptions.

Given the importance of these models, marketing found the best way to use them as the ideal medium to consistently convey the values ​​of a brand. It is thanks to these archetypes that you can establish a strong emotional connection with your target audience, which is influenced unconsciously.

To successfully carry out the brand personality building process, you can use the following models:


It seeks to make a mark by creating something of value that lasts over time, shaping a vision and promoting innovation. They are inspired to create and always stay one step ahead of others.

A creative brand likes to try new things and represents an instrument for its customers to express their creativity and imagination. For example, Lego and Apple are brands that fall into this type of personality.


The brands that fit into this personality profile are those that strive to demonstrate courage through difficult actions; which allow him to transmit honor, effort, victory, and a winning spirit.

Those of this model want to attract the public that seeks to improve or solve a social problem. In addition, they convey an idea of ​​triumphs, such as the case of Red Bull and Nike.


They are revolutionary brands that challenge society, break the rules, pioneer, and destroy what does not work. They identify with consumers looking for irreverent or extravagant products.

They are radical and independent; they tend to position themselves as an alternative to the majority currents. For example, Harley Davidson or Diesel.


They are intended to inspire people to find love or promote beauty.

The brands that adopt this personality are passionate and create a lot of attraction, they seek a lot of importance towards the aesthetic part of their products, as reflected by the people of Victoria’s Secret.


They are the ones who just want to belong and fit in. Here enter all those who seek to belong to a home culture and offer products for everyday life; Its main objective is to establish a connection through empathy. Example? Dove.


They are brands oriented to venture into new things. They yearn for freedom, to discover the world, and to experience a more authentic life. They dare to take risks and are curious, they are oriented to attract dissatisfied consumers, who want to try something unknown and different. A clear example is represented by Jeep.

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