All Things Essential to Know About Magnetic Filter System

Magnetic Filter System

All Things Essential to Know About Magnetic Filter System

Taking a long hot shower can be relaxing but what if your boiler stops working and you are left with icy cold water. That is why make sure to get the best combi boiler. not pleasing right? Well, one of the top reasons why most boilers stop working is the accumulation of debris and rust that builds up in pipes over time.

If the debris and rust are untreated then it can mess up the workings of your boiler and damage your heating system installation. You need perfect filters installed for your heating system in order to prevent rust and debris from accumulating. The magnetic filter for heating system is a popular filter system available in the market.

Below we have elaborated the things that are essential to know about magnetic filter systems and if it’s really worth the installation.

Magnetic Filter – What is it?

Prior to the magnetic filter system, the power flushing system was in demand but as Magnetic Filters grew in popularity, the power flushing became less popular day by day. The process of magnetic filtration is used that is efficient in catching more debris and rust compared to power flushing filter systems.

How does it work?

The magnetic filter basically works with a high-intensity filter magnet which creates a magnetic field in the installed area. The water flow is directed around that created magnetic field. Any ferrous particle found in water is immediately captured with the magnetic trap and cleans the water in the process.

The filter can be removed easily and users can wash away the collected particles from it. It is a reusable filter which can be fitted in your water system again. Loaded with several configurations in the magnetic filters, it can be used in varied process industries and home installations.

Another feature found commonly in many magnetic filters is the flow-through configuration setting. This enables the filters to let the unwanted particles flow through distinct magnetized slots for uninterrupted water flow.

Perks of installing & using Magnetic Filter

Wondering why you must install a magnetic filter for heating system? Simply because it’s the best option you get to boost your boiler system. Here are some of the perks of installing and using it.

Less Disposal Cost

Once the magnetic filter is installed for your boiler there are no other charges or installations required. The reusable capability of the magnetic filter provides durability and will last you for a lifetime with proper maintenance. Additionally, it will save you from disposal costs as well since the collected particles can be recycled completely.

Relentless Performance

The filters with the use of magnetic filtration offer relentless performance. As a matter of fact, it boosts the productivity of the boilers in which it is installed. Because the water does not flow through any such filter media, there is no interruption caused in the water flow. Even if the filter accumulated too much contamination on it, the occurrence of backpressure or burst filter is zero.

Minimal Running Cost

Users get the option to choose an automated cleaning or manual cleaning filter. The manual cleaning process does not require any power charge and the latter cleaning process needs only a little amount of power. The overall running cost for a magnetic filter is minimal.


So, what are you waiting for? Install and use a magnetic filter for your heating system and get clean water for lifetime. Give your boilers the perfect support it requires by installing these advanced tech filters.

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