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3 digital marketing mechanization plans for your business

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the bureaucracy of countless activities. Automated work. In this way, the production process is optimized so that the company can improve performance. For example, this is the case with the automation of digital marketing agencies.

Through it, you can guide several tasks previously completed manually, thereby making the activity more effective and confident. In marketing automation, we refer to the use of technology in communication and communication work.

However, we cannot adopt the wrong concept, because it is not limited to the self-configuration of e-mail or the timing of posts on social networks. These are just some simple measures. In other words, marketing automation must be understood in a broader sense, taking into account the personalized and scalable way of behavior, people interact with online channels and consume digital information.

It is based on this idea that we can better position the strategy, convert potential customers (potential customers) and enable them to enter the sales channel automatically and effectively until the moment of purchase.

In today’s article, learn about 3 digital marketing automation strategies for your business that will help you succeed in the market. Follow to read!

Email marketing automation

Automated e-mail marketing is one of the most famous strategies. Currently, messages can be automated in multiple stages, so we have separated some of these stages and can invest in them. We emphasize that e-mail marketing automation applies to all branches of business, from cleaning outsourcing companies SP, even to those self-employed professionals and they hope the dissemination of information together.

Below, check the possibilities of automation:

Automatic response

This is the simplest and most basic measure of email marketing automation. With it, you can send a series of pre-programmed messages to the user without manually writing them to each contact. Therefore, when someone registration form to receive information about the company’s financial solution, the tool will trigger automatically send messages to users, at the same time, the contact will start to receive other content within a certain time interval.

It is necessary to take some precautions with this strategy because although the workflow is automated, it can lead to unpleasant situations for potential customers, especially if messages are sent continuously.

This can be in spam, it can damage your reputation. In addition, the tool may eventually send sales emails to people who have already purchased the product. Therefore, it is fun to combine workflow automation processes with automated intelligence so that your emails are not sent by mistake.

Dynamic list

Dynamic lists are a way of using automated intelligence in the following way: automatically responding to your emails. Through them, you can more effectively analyze the personal data of each contact, to send personalized messages.

In this sense, if a customer has purchased professional trousers for example, for your company, you will not receive an email with a quote for the same product, but contains targeted content.

Work process

One of the most advanced stages of marketing automation is workflow. In addition to creating dynamic lists and auto-response e-mail, which can also be technology that allows developers to multiple campaigns, such as:

  1. Automatically change the nutrient flow
  2. Interaction with users, not just emails
  3. Redirect to the waiter

The relationship between after-sales and users.

With this kind of automation, marketing and sales teams don’t have to wait for potential customers to take the initiative to make product requirements. Therefore, when you see any reaction from users, the software itself has started to interact, so it is in the sales funnel naturally.

Therefore, the accounting firm, for example, the technology has identified the need for manual clients when on duty, to be directed to the office professionals, and at the same time, another user is included in a dynamic list.

After-sales marketing automation

Another marketing automation strategy is after-sales tools. This can not only make your company’s relationship with customers lasting, but it can also stimulate product or service buybacks, and it can also create brand promoters. After all, if we are accounting services, for example, we will eventually recommend acquaintance to the company.

Next, check the automated processes applied in the after-sales strategy.

Activation process

The more complex your product, the more you need to show its value to the customer so that he will not be disappointed and interrupted the business as a result, even without knowing the potential of your solution. Therefore, the main goal of the activation process is to send tutorials or explanations focused on the use of products/services.

For example, in the purchase of building systems of high-tech, customers may not know the potential of the software. Therefore, sending a message after purchase is essential so that consumers can enjoy all the benefits of the product. This allows the customer not only to have a better understanding of the goods they are buying but also of the company itself because he feels valuable in acquiring skills in how to use resources.

Reserved flow

As the name implies, the retention process is used to retain customers. The purpose here is to create a mechanism to collect consumer reviews and opinions, which can be done through NPS technology (net recommender score).

In this sense, the company can ask the customer about sound insulation board products recently purchased, and therefore has valuable data on awareness of products on the market.

Cross-selling flow

The cross-selling flow is a great way to expand your business while reducing CAC (acquisition cost per customer). After all, consumers have already reached a deal with the company, so the purpose is to provide some supplements. For example, shut down the service after accounting advice, your company may offer the financial organization. They are complementary activities that may interest customers.

Performance report automation

It is very important to perform analysis during and at the end of the entire marketing campaign to collect specific data about the performance of the plan. Therefore, you can see what needs to be improved or adjusted.

Today, marketing automation tools contribute to the verification process because they provide detailed data collection and the creation of complete reports. This makes it easier to make decisions about your campaign. Among them, the automatic function of A/B testing stands out.

This analysis was done during the election campaign to assess outstanding actions. Therefore, two plans (A and B) were implemented. In this way, variables can be tested on two versions of the same material (e.g. email), landing pages (with only a part of the audience), advertising on social networks, etc., and then implementing the best-performing model.

This type of marketing automation is not only aimed at operational processes but also as a strategic technology. Therefore, in addition to making more decisive decisions, managers can also collect data about audience preferences.

In other words, automated tools are strategic planning of marketing activities.

It is worth mentioning that many social networks already have built-in resources for analyzing campaign activities. For example, Facebook Ads Manager is a platform that centralizes various data about your disclosure performance on the web.


Due to extensive technological development and technological improvements in tools, marketing automation is increasing day by day.

However, most people believe that automation is only for business processes and does not consider other uses, such as intelligence in lead segmentation and monitoring, and strategic applications in marketing plans.

Today’s article attempts to overcome this vision and proposes 3 marketing automation strategies that can be applied to your business. Therefore, it is possible to choose the most suitable tool for your company and dominate the market.

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