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7 Tips to Hack the TikTok algorithm for small enterprises

Tips to Hack the TikTok algorithm

7 Tips to Hack the TikTok algorithm for small enterprises


It is difficult to learn all the best tricks and tips for enhancing your reach with every new social media site. But you’re not alone when you feel extra confused about your small business knowledge on TikTok.

TikTok is known to keep the algorithm secret, unlike Instagram. Their algorithms and how to extend or increase the video views were never formally released so that the platform might be a little bit of a game of speculation.

Although we don’t know exactly how the TikTok algorithm works, one thing we know is that the easiest way to boost views is to have a video on the For You page. The FYP page is close to the Instagram search feed where an endless stream of trendy TikTok videos can be viewed which you have searched for based on your preferences and past videos.

How can your small business help you achieve the TikTok algorithm and get a video on your website? The following are seven tips and theories to help you hack the TikTok algorithm for small businesses:

  1. Include related hashtags trending

The first piece of advice for your small business to make the TicTok algorithm work is clever about what hashtags you use in your message. It is important to use appropriate trend hashtags. When you look for hashtags, TikTok will show you how many views there are in any hashtag and will show which are currently trending with a little fire icon. TikTok makes it very simple to see which hashtags are trending. To increase your video views, use trendy but important hashtags in every TikTok caption.

  1. Using Songs of Pattern

Music is crucial to the TikTok experience and you’ll soon find that you always hear the same songs. TikTok tells you what songs are, but your TikTok feed is the best way to get music inspiration. It’s a good sign if you hear the same song used over and over again, that it’s a trendy song and you’ll know what kind of content to post with the song. If you can find a video of the album, which you want to use, you can easily use it by clicking on the music title at the bottom of TikTok.

  1. Take part in challenges

It is important to talk about challenges when we talk about trend songs. Challenges are a fun way for people to recreate a trendy video in their own version and these challenges typically use a trending song. So consider engaging in challenges and using trend songs, to use two tips to solve TikTok algorithms at once! (Please do not forget to include this as well, so increase the probability of ending up with the FYP) each challenge usually has a hashtag.

  1. The Night Post

Some theories show that late at night or at night are the most common times for posting to TikTok. This theory builds on the most active users in TikTok, which makes it the likelihood that they will view and connect with your video once it is uploaded. Fortunately, people use the TikTok app for a lot of time, and users are expected to spend 52 minutes a day on the app.

  1. Also postal services

The larger you make and post TikTok images, the higher the chances you get to the FYP page. The most-watched videos can be difficult to predict and sometimes it’s the videos you’ve least anticipated to “gain viral,” which end up being the best. When you post regularly, you can start to see which types of your TikTok videos work best, and you can continue to do more to make your scope on TikTok more similar. Another excuse to post in one day many times? TikTok estimated that American users open the app averaged 4.9 minutes eight times a day with sessions

  1. Discuss the spot.

TikTok will show you videos made for small businesses by people from the same town and country you are in! In your TikTok videos and subtitles, be sure to note your place. Do not be afraid to make videos, particularly if your small business wants to attract more local clients that only locals will appreciate.

  1. Do NOT delete mailings

An interesting idea from some people who have a video ‘go viral,’ that we found on TikTok indicates that a post never should be removed, though it didn’t have many views. Some hypotheses say that deleting videos leads TikTok to ban your account, but this is not the primary reason for never deleting videos. When a TikTok is viral, a number of new users will scroll through all your videos – so all those old posts that did not end with a lot of views are viewed. Who knows, from all the new fans, you can have an old video start trends!

We expect that these theories and tips from TikTok will expand the scope of your little company by making the TikTok algorithm work for you. Don’t forget to remain honest and enjoy it!


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