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11 Securefire ways to build your followers on Instagram

build your followers on Instagram

Ahh, Instagram. – Ahh Instagram. This is undoubtedly a prominent social media outlet with over 1 billion monthly active users (in contrast, the US population is more than 325 million…!). Through a larger Instagram, you can increase sales, increase views of your site, and increase your brand audience. But what about thousands of Instagram supporters in the world? (Psst, this awesome tool helped bring the next stage of my Instagram.) I have 11 tips for helping you to expand your Instagram followers, today.

  1. Like your niche pictures.

Susan Petersen (CEO of Freshly Picked) told me how she grew up with her Instagram to nearly 400,000 followers. I also attended an online conference. she said that she spent hours watching pictures of other people every night in the early days. (Today it’s over 800,000!) Your proposal? Much like five or ten pictures on someone’s account. It will also contribute to leave a real comment and follow them up. This helps to get your name out and encourages people to find you. I’d also advise users in your niche mostly to do this. In your niche, how do you find users? Check the Instagrammers’ hashtags or see their fans.

  1. Make your pictures a theme.

Nice, because if you have followed #1, it is obvious that people will begin to recognize your login name and will be able to check out your account. I found that making an Instagram theme really helps. Write down a few terms you want users in your account to identify with. For me it’s vivid, crafty, and full of Love, I hope people glean. For your account, what words are you going to use? Try to stick to a subject as soon as you decide on it!

  1. Socialize.

This was not what social media was called for! Answer your own comments on the work of others and leave your own comments. Try to leave real comments and questions that inspire you to post more pictures rather than anything like “cute dress.”

  1. Build and inspire others to use the hashtag.

This is a perfect way to create a community and get new content. Second, create a special hashtag and ask everyone to use it (make sure that it is not being used already!). If the hashtag has a particular meaning, it works best. A Beautiful Tweet, for example, invites supporters to use the Colorful #ABMLife in their colorful, happy images. If you start using your hashtag (and you use it, too!), you can repost your followers’ photos. This creates a community that not only shows your fans that you value their images but also includes your own content.

  1. Managed a race.

Try to run a contest if you have something that you want to give away. A few thoughts? Make users repost a particular picture and tag you in the title. Please follow them. If you want to cooperate with other Instagrammers, you might also pursue a loop donation.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram Posts!

Believe it or not, Instagram stories are rising exponentially, reaching more than 400 million users every day. Many users also tell you that they enjoy watching stories more than their constant feed scroll ie Make your stories creative. Take behind the scenes your fans and show them the most important bits of your day. Ask questions. Ask questions. Using surveys, weird GIFs, and songs. Boomerangs and filters play. This is an awesome way to get relaxed in the video and interact even more with your fans.

  1. Encourage supporters to act.

As straightforward as it sounds, if you ask them to, people would most likely do something. A quote is shared? Ask them if they agree to “like” your picture! Sharing funny or good things? Please ask your fans to name a pal! Ask questions that are open-ended! If you put the idea there, your followers would be inspired to do so.

  1. Your images are geotagged.

You’ve recently visited a picture of that cool restaurant or city? Geotag it! – Geotag it! This helps those who have used the same geotag to display and probably follow you as you have so much in common now (like that french toast you both had last weekend). Á In case you’re confused your photos are geotagged meaning your photos are marked with a spot.

  1. Tell the audience what it needs.

Do some research, I. Do some research. Go through your pictures to see which ones have the greatest like and the last comment. What is the viewer clicking on and why? How can more images like this be inserted into your feed?

You can also use Tailwind to evaluate the results, track transitions, and discover new content. Analytics are crucial here.

  1. Link to your other networks your Instagram account.

You can believe your people are still following you on all channels if you have a blog, Twitter, or Facebook. Hint: probably not they are! They are probably not! Share a short tweet or a Facebook post that invites people to join you on Instagram… This will encourage you to discover your Instagram account on your followers on other networks—and also follow you on!

  1. Collaborate with common users.

Think outside the box! Think outside! Ask an extra Instagrammer for the day as a Guest Contributor, if you should “take their accounts.” Takes in Instagram Story are an explosion and can expand rapidly. Or begin a regular Instagram challenge. Think of fun and innovative ways of interacting with other users.


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