Facts About Your Sign That You Didn’t Know

Many things in this universe are unknown or unexplainable. And sometimes, some things remain undisclosed to us; they say it is for the betterment of ourselves, maybe they are right, it is good not to disturb the unknown, and it is worthless to gaze upon the things that no one knows.

But there are some things hidden from us, and there is no serious harm in getting to know them; it may startle you but trust me, that is worth knowing.

Yes! I am talking about zodiacs. Many things get missed when you randomly google things like, ‘ what my astrology says?’ , ‘ what is my horoscope?’, or when you just go and watch a live astrologer or suddenly decide to talk to astrologer about random things related to your life, still many things, questions stay unanswered.

In the hope that this article helps you better understand your zodiac and give some kinds of clearance on the unasked and unanswered questions.

Let’s know what secrets your sign hides


Somewhere you have this guilt, and you feel like you are the world’s biggest fraud, and every night, you pray to god before you sleep that tomorrow when you wake up, you get to know it was all just a dream. Aries hide their true self from others; they change their personality better than a chameleon changes its colour. It happens with Aries unknowingly; even if they try, they can not keep themselves from hiding who they are.


Behind that big bright smile is a fear that wants to hide from the world. The feeling that you are not enough is eating you up. You are a provider, and you stay in fear that what you are doing is not bringing anyone happiness, and you are not being able to provide security to your loved ones. You never feel satisfied by what you do for others’ happiness and think that it’s never enough and that you need to do more to make people happy and keep them safe.


You are that person who everybody loves; people admire you and envy you and wish to have your life; it seems it will be so easy to be in your shoes and lead a peaceful life that have no problems at all but only if they know what’s going on inside you. You are a good hider of emoticons and find it difficult to ask for help; it is so difficult for you to engulf all the pain, sorrows but still, you are the one who never reaches out or is not being able to reach out and ask for help there is something inside you that holds you back. It is just like a war with self.


You are the kind of person who hates socializing and will do anything to avoid social gatherings, and you don’t like the idea of being surrounded by people who are so much into your life and keep on bugging you to talk and know more about you. You hate the few friends you have but will never admit it, and you deny even to cut ties with them for no reason. You are a secretive person and don’t want people to interfere in your matters. You put thick walls around you and keep your guards high, because of which people generally misunderstand you and think you have an attitude problem when you are just trying to be left alone.


You are just jealous of everyone and everything; you believe that everyone around you is better than you in some way or the other, but the truth is just that you are insecure and constantly keep comparing yourself to others. You feel pain in your chest and feel defeated when someone is in the spotlight and not you.

You are constantly in need of attention, and you crave the feeling of superiority and power. And you love to dominate people, and you want everyone to fear and respect you.


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