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Why Cybersecurity is One of the Most Important Digital Marketing Tools

Most Important Digital Marketing Tools

When you hear the term cybersecurity, you don’t automatically think of marketing. In fact, cybersecurity is often viewed as an operation that works in isolation. Of course, Cybersecurity is important because a successful cyber-attack would have knock-on effects on the rest of a businesses’ operations.

However, it doesn’t need to be.

Cybersecurity is a much more valuable and influential practice than some people might at first think. That particularly affected by cybersecurity is digital marketing.

Safeguarding Your Reputation

The first and perhaps most obvious reason why cybersecurity is an important digital marketing tool. Is that it protects your reputation. No matter how long you spend carefully curating the perfect brand image, one successful cyber-attack can wipe out years of hard work in less than a minute, which is why all businesses should be using managed services for cyber protection.

The reputational consequences of a successful cyber-attack are not only felt short-term. In fact, studies have found that the consumers remember, And judge the reputation of a business on a successful cyber-attack years after it has taken place. Meaning a successful cyber-attack might lead your digital marketing team to be working for damage control and rebuilding your brand identity years after an attack has taken place.

Protecting Your Website and SEO Efforts

The level of cybersecurity on your business website Can have a big impact on one of the most popular digital marketing practices, Which is search engine optimization.

No matter how much you spend on content marketing or increasing backlinks.
If your website does not have comprehensive cybersecurity measures, you will never be able to reach the high-ranking spots.

The reason that cyber-security is so important is that search engines crawl websites in order to rank them. Search engine crawlers use an algorithm that is based on many factors, one of which is cybersecurity. You will never be able to reach the highest ranking.

Losing Your Contact Database

Businesses are spending a great deal of time and marketing spend to get customers to convert and input their personal details. One of the most coveted personal details that businesses are looking for is contact information, specifically email. Once you have a customer’s email. You can add them to your email marketing list, And contact them directly, With personalized incentives to return to your business. However, this consumer contact information is not just valuable for businesses but cyber-attackers too.

Some cyber-attackers specifically target small businesses in order to gain access to their email address books. The cybercriminal might then hold your address book to ransom, meaning they only allow you access to it after you have paid them a fee. Alternatively, the cyber-attacker might deny you access to your address book completely. This means that you would end up losing a hugely valuable digital marketing tool. That likely took you years to build.

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