How To Pick A Wedding Ring?

The venue of the wedding is chosen just for one day but the wedding rings you choose are for life. A wedding ring is considered the single most persistent symbol of a marriage. Such rings are worn day in, as well as day out. After your wedding ceremony and its celebrations, you regularly look at your wedding ring. This makes it essential for you to choose the right wedding ring so it will symbolize you perfectly.

Wedding rings are a symbol of union, trust, and the celebration of love. Couples exchange such rings on their wedding day as a symbol of commitment that they will wear for a lifetime. The purchase of wedding rings seems to be effortless but it requires a lot of thought. Picking up a wedding ring is usually a confusing process, especially for those who don’t have much idea about the rings/jewelry or have probably never done it before. However, good attention to some important things helps to make the purchase smooth and easy. Some common tips that may help you pick a wedding ring are as below:

Quick purchase:

Many people prefer buying wedding rings just after their engagement. The purchase at such time includes strong romantic feelings and excitement for the upcoming marriage. This makes it easy for the buyers to pick a timeless piece of jewelry that their partner will adore just the way they do one another.

Purchase together:

For wedding planning, couples usually consult each other at each step. But when it comes to picking a wedding ring some prefer keeping the ring a surprise and thus pick it without even considering the preference or choice of their partner, for which they buy the ring. No doubt it helps you keep the excitement but many times it also ends up costing you high when you do not have much idea about your partner’s taste.

If you do not have a clear idea about the size of your partner, or their preference towards the wedding ring style, or diamond style, then the best thing is to make the purchase together. Buying wedding rings together not just helps you both pick the right ring for each other but also saves your time and money.


Many people have a misconception that wedding rings cost highly expensive. But the fact is the cost of such rings highly depends on your selection. It is also easy to get an affordable wedding ring. For this, you just need to make sure that the ring you are going to select is within your budget.

Setting a budget even before looking at the wedding ring options helps you know how much you are willing to spend on such a ring. A pre-decided budget prevents you from making an investment that may cost you high. To get the right wedding ring you can also customize the ring as per your choice. However, customization sometimes turns out to be costly. But customizing the wedding ring while considering the budget, cost of metal, diamond cut, and ring style helps you make changes such that the ring will come within your budget.

Select smartly:

The process of picking the right wedding ring for your loved one includes a variety of things. From selecting the right metal for the ring to selecting the diamond cut, the number of diamonds, and the width of the ring, the process include consideration of different things. To get the wedding ring within your budget it is essential to select the metal and other things accordingly.

If you have a limited high budget you can look for large, solitaire diamonds with the metal of high karat. But if you have a tight budget then it is better to pick a wedding ring with fewer and medium diamonds and fewer details. To reduce the cost of the wedding ring you can also choose low carat metals such as 18ct yellow, 14ct yellow, 9 ct rose, 18ct white, etc. The smartly you will select the metal, width, and gemstone for the ring, the better it will cost you.


In terms of wedding ring style, the sky is the limit. The style of the wedding ring you choose in the form of textural techniques, gemstones, or engraving highly affects the cost as well as the look of the ring. Many couples love engraving the first initial of their partner, some also prefer matching their wedding ring with their engagement ring. This further makes it easy for them to wear both rings together.

To match your engagement ring with the wedding ring, just make sure you will choose the metal, shape, and size of the diamond/gemstone accordingly. No matter whether you have a halo engagement ring or a ring with a unique gemstone and gold metal, a little attention to the details can help you pick the perfect match (wedding ring) for it.

Check the certification of purity:

One thing that you must never ignore while picking up a wedding ring or any other wedding jewelry is the certification of its purity. Jewelers that are professionals always provide a certificate of purity on each product. Such certificates give you the surety that the ring you have picked is exactly as per your order. Just make sure the jeweler you select for the purchase of the wedding ring is trusted by the people and has a good reputation in the market.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding ring is a one-time investment that you cherish forever. It is not just a sign of love but also a worthy gift for both so, to prevent the risk of picking the wrong ring, it is better to consult with each other to know the size, liking, and choices. Make sure you will pick the wedding ring in the right size. Trying the right before the purchase also helps you know the fit and comfort.


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