Carrie Style Name Necklace, Custom Classic Name Necklace

Style Name Necklace

Your woman will feel more appreciated, loved, and cared for if you buy her Personalized gifts. Deciding on what gift to get her should be easy since Koala Print stocks a wide variety from which you can choose. The good thing is you have the privilege to choose the final look for your piece whether it’s a pair of elegant earrings, a custom bracelet, a custom ring, or a necklace. Birthdays and anniversaries are special to her, make a statement of your love with one of our Carrie Style Name Necklace, Custom Classic Name Necklace.

Personalized Gifts

She already has a customized name necklace, no problem.  Koala print is your one-stop shop for handpicked personalized gifts: the online store stocks anything from home and garden decorations, clothing, and accessories, they have limited-time offers too.

At Koala, we love your pet, give us a chance to indulge him with our pet supplies, memorial stones, or portraits.

Communicate to us the message, style, and features you wish to have on the selected item, and we will wow you.

Name Necklace

What is in a name? Now imagine your pet name engraved in a pendant. The necklace can contain both your names, hers or yours. Carrie Style Name Necklace Custom Classic Name Necklace may look like a small gesture, but it communicates your love in a stylish way. Consider Koala print for the best, stainless, and customized name necklace. The name necklace is well within your budget, don’t break the bank.

Name Necklace

Photo Necklace

It does not matter whether she has struggled with low self-esteem issues or a bad self-image, a photo necklace is a sure way to affirm her positively. The piece will act as a gentle reminder that she is enough, attractive, and you would still choose her over everyone else.

Be careful however to pick her favorite photo.  You can also use your couple’s picture for the photo necklace.

The photo necklace isn’t limited to couples only. Surprise your parents or siblings with one. You can also order one as a show of loyalty to your best artist or celebrity.

Photo Necklace

Projection Bracelet

A Projection bracelet is a statement piece that will help store your memories in a way that stands out. Just like any other jewelry, you have different styles to choose from.  Such styles are custom Antlers bracelets, Custom Couple Lucky Deer bracelets, Matching Bracelets for Couples, or Personalized picture projection bracelets.

One more thing, the timeless piece matches most of your clothing and accessories.

You don’t have to wait until it’s a special occasion, surprise your partner with a custom projection bracelet from Koala Print today. Only send us the names and photos for the piece prior, for timely delivery.

Projection Bracelet

Don’t keep your wife guessing, communicate your love for her in a language she will long remember; a Carrie Style Name Necklace, Custom Classic Name Necklace, a personalized gift, and a photo necklace or a projection bracelet. Koala Print will be happy to be a part of your love story.


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