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Five ways to design a captivating online/offline menu  

design a captivating online/offline menu

Five ways to design a captivating online/offline menu 

The menu is the reflection of the restaurant. A ravenous wolf or a hungry creature, everybody hunts on the menu when it comes to dining or ordering food online. Restaurateurs often skip or neglect the idea of designing an exquisite menu and rathers work on improving their kitchen and air of the restaurant. The Bill of fare plays a vital role in the online food ordering system.

Optimizing your restaurant’s menu with the favourite table can prove advantageous for your business. Even before visiting the restaurant to dine in people refer to the menu beforehand, and favourite table embeds the enlisted restaurants’ menu. This makes it easier for customers to choose according to their preferences. The more exquisite menu, the more revenue extracted. Therefore, here are Some of the best ways to design a captivating online/offline menu;

1.Plan theme

Every restaurant has its menu, probably enlisting almost similar dishes. How can you make your menu distinctive? Planning a theme can distinguish your business from others. Themed menu is never out of vogue, and it is attractive for the customers to look at a themed menu, as it sets a prior image of the restaurant. Themed menu upgrades the curiosity in the customers to dine or order different recipes from your restaurant.

The theme can be anything depending on the restaurateurs. It can be related to history, school, movies, or any popular series, games, etc. If the restaurant has already a specific subcontinent cuisine, say India the restaurant can design a menu in different states. Creativity depends on the restaurant’s team.

2.Categorization is crucial

Nowadays, almost every restaurant follows this hack in offline menus, but several portals and restaurants neglect categorization in remote mode. Customers take approximately 2 minutes to go through the whole menu, and it is the time when you can help them choosing dishes from the menu. Categorize your menu into beverages, main course, appetizers, extras, desserts, etc., to save customers’ time and get more orders for your business.

3.Labelling and description

Slight twists in the names of dishes can make your menu interesting. It is a hack to fantasize customers about the dish. For instance, your competitors might have fries on their menu. But you can gab more order by just making the name extraordinary like Frenchies, or something that goes well with the menu’s theme.

Adding a one-line description with the dish on the menu improves the quality of the menu. The description should not be more than one line. It can reduce the readability of the menu. This strategy is in vogue in drinks, but you can apply this to your other segments too.

4.Provide suggestions

Ordering food is already a bewildering situation for the customers, to reduce their stress you can suggest your combos or platters from your end. The customers might be searching for the felicitous combos. This can extract the most revenue in online and offline orders. Who would defy to a combo of burger, fries, and a soft drink?

5.Highlighting specials

Every restaurant consists of their chef’s special. To make your chefs special outshine, other dishes highlight them and put them first to grab customer’s attention. This increases the readability of the menu. Even if its a dessert or assorted bread, keep them on the top with a tag of ‘chef’s special’, and you will notice high demand of that particular dish.

The designing menu is not a hectic task any more. These hacks will put your restaurant on air. Every enlisted restaurant in the favourite table has some of the other specialities of their restaurants. We constantly work to improve our partner restaurants’ performance to create a win-win situation.


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