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How to Cure Teeth Sensitivity Issue and Get a Bright Smile?

Teeth Sensitivity Issue

How to Cure Teeth Sensitivity Issue and Get a Bright Smile?

A study reveals that one out of eight adults has sensitive teeth. They experience discomfort or pain when they eat or drink something cold. You must be looking for a reliable cure if you also got this problem. It is preventing you from eating and drinking things you like. So, what’s the best treatment for sensitive teeth?

You can go to a dental clinic and get an expert’s help to cure the problem. The treatment may last several weeks or months. The dentist will charge a hefty fee for the treatment. Try the Fluoridex toothpaste if you want to save extra bucks and cure teeth sensitivity issues at home.

What causes teeth sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is described as a sharp flash of pain when teeth come in contact with acidic, cold, hot, or sweet food. Some people experience this issue when they are brushing or flossing. So, what causes such a troubling condition? Let’s find out:

  • Whether you brush too hard or use a hard-bristled toothbrush, it affects the protective layer of your teeth. Dentin gets exposed when the enamel is worn and it can cause sensitivity.
  • Periodontal disease can also cause this problem.
  • Your teeth’ root will get exposed if you are suffering from gingivitis! It can cause severe pain when you eat or drink certain things.
  • Germs and bacteria find a safe spot to hide when you got cracked teeth. It can cause inflammation and infection!
  • Teeth grinding is another cause of teeth sensitivity because it wears the enamel and exposes dentin.

Most people experience teeth sensitivity due to exposed dentin. It contains many microscopic tubules that go to teeth’ pulp. When the dentin is exposed, those hot, cold, or acidic ingredients find a safe way to nerves in your teeth. As a result, you experience discomfort and sharp pain!

Do tooth whitening treatments cause teeth sensitivity?

People often visit dental clinics to get rid of dental stains for a brighter smile. They choose treatments designed to offer a rapid solution. Some individuals start experiencing teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening treatments. So, why does it happen?

Many dentists use harsh chemicals to remove tooth stains. They also suggest OTC products for quick removal of a yellowish layer of the teeth. It may offer the expected result, but it is not safe for your teeth.

Enamel gets removed from your teeth when they come in contact with harsh chemicals. Teeth grinding also severely scathes enamel. It eventually leads to issues like a sharp pain when the tooth comes in contact with cold, hot, or acidic foods.

It can scare patients that commonly-recommended teeth whitening solutions are not safe. What if you got sensitive teeth with stains? Will teeth whitening treatments cause more pain? What can you do to cure tooth sensitivity and get a bright smile? You can try the Fluoridex toothpaste!

Why the Fluoridex toothpaste is a reliable cure?

This prescription-strength toothpaste contains ingredients that quickly heal enamel. The enamel remineralization process speeds up as you use this toothpaste to clean your teeth. You start experiencing positive results within a few weeks. Besides, it does not cause any more damage to your smile.

You also get a brighter smile after daily brushing your teeth with Fluoridex toothpaste. It is an affordable cure, designed by experts to provide users with a bright and healthy smile.

Many people have praised this product after experiencing rapid relief from teeth sensitivity problems. It’s an affordable cure, which allows users to save hundreds of dollars on oral treatment. Get it right now to cure the root cause of tooth sensitivity problem. You will be able to enjoy all the foods you love if you switch to the suggested product!


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