How to Keep your Inventory in Minecraft

Inventory in Minecraft

How to Keep Your Inventory in Minecraft

Even if you are very cautious as an explorer, it can happen. You have traveled to a far country, and you die there, and everything you had worked hard to get is left piled far away. Are you afraid of losing your inventory? No problem. This article will show you how to keep your loot in Minecraft.

Why Do This?

Human beings are great advocates of playing games according to their desires, and when it comes to Minecraft, the design of the game is supposed to cheer you up to do that, i.e., edit, manipulate, create, and build the world to come up with a play and game world you want.

The playscheme, however, has one frustrating default aspect: the dropping of player loot after death. In Minecraft, your entire personal inventory and experience are lost at that point too. Your tools, weapons, armor, and other stock drop into separate piles.

Although some gamers love that kind of arrangement, that action doesn’t feel right, and it’s annoying. For instance, if you die in a remote place away from home, not knowing your location at the time of death, all the inventory you have earned, including your diamond armor is gone too.

But there is good news. You can change the in-game flag that defines if you keep your loot if you die or not. Also, there are other great flags that you can use to change the behavior of your games. Below is how you can keep your loot in Minecraft.

Changing Game Rules

Minecraft has many commands you can use through the commands console in-game.  However, only about twelve controls are permanent changes to the variables of the game. For instance, you can offer yourself stuff in the creative mode with the ‘/’ command. However, doing so won’t change the condition of the game.

Using commands in Minecraft

If you want to modify your game completely, the ‘game rules’ variables need to be changed using the ‘/game rules’ command. To enter any game command line into Minecraft, you do so through the chatbox.

Press T to launch the chat box then enter / game rules’ <rule> (value).

Enable the keep inventory

Toggling the ‘keep inventory’ command is a great game rule that can help you because, after death, you lose your loot, which is unfortunate, and in case the location of your death is a lava pit, you can never retrieve your inventory. To fix that, you need to edit the ‘keep inventory’. Launch your games chatbox and key in this command (note that it’s case sensitive): /game rule keep inventory true

Once you do that, even when you die, you will still hold your armor, sword, and other loot. Besides, keeping your inventory, you won’t lose your experience too when the keep inventory is on.


Now you know how to keep your loot in Minecraft after dying, and you won’t have to worry when you travel far to explore only to fall off a large wall. You can swim underwater the way you want.


How to Turn On Keep Inventory (Minecraft)

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