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How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft?

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How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft?

Before we discuss how to keep Minecraft inventory, especially after dying, let’s discuss certain things that you can opt to do without using a cheat code.  For you to avoid missing your valuable items in the first place, you may need to take some of these precautions.

  • Be careful, especially when you are around lava since there is no way to go back and recover your items if they fall there. Items that fall on the lava get burned up which is something you may not want after working so hard to get your diamond pickaxe.
  • You should avoid walking around with some of your precious items. Instead, you can make a large chest to store all your expensive items.
  • Avoid mining straight down since you could fall into a deep cavern and lose everything.
  • Ensure that you keep your are hard to find items at the respawn point so that you can remember where you put them.
  • Get rid yourself of every item that is not necessary for the task, especially if you are about to do something risky.

How to keep inventory in Minecraft?

Let’s assume that you just fail off a cliff, and all your inventory is scattered all over the place. How can you recover your inventory instead of going to the area of your death and picking up all your items?

For you to be able to recover your items after you die, you need to set cheat commands before you die. Once you have already lost all your available things, it might be too late to recover them unless you go to the location where you died.  Now you can learn how to keep your inventory. Here is what to do.

You need to open a chat window.

Doing this will depend on the version of Minecraft that you are using, but you will need to open this dialogue for you to interface with the software. On your computer, you can open the chat box by pressing T. On Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, you need to press the right arrow button on your dD-pad

Input your cheat code

After you open your window you need to put this command into a console as it is;

 /game rule KeepInventory true

Click the button you use to confirm. Now your cheat code is supposed to take effect.

That is a binary condition of the software that decides whether to keep your inventory or not. By following the above procedure, you will not be setting it to be true. If you want to switch it back and lose all your inventory when you die you can still put it to false at any time.

Test to ensure that it is working

You need to test if you put the cheat command correctly. Ensure that you store your valuable inventory in a chest just in case, but keep the less useful items that you don’t mind losing in your pocket inventory. Now do something that can kill your Avatar.  After you die and come back, be sure to check your inventory to see if the items that you are carrying, still have. If they are, this implies that the cheat command is working. You will now always respond with all your items after you die.

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