How to Tab Backwards

Tab Backwards

How to Tab Backwards

You may have witnessed many people typing documents, using the mouse to perform some task and again reaching out to the keyboard to type and repeating the process over and over until the document is completed. This process is very tiresome and time-consuming. The issue with these humans is that they do not know an easier way of doing it.

How to Tab Backwards & However, there is a section of people who have known they can utilize the tab button to navigate from control A to control B in various programs and in such a way how to tab backwards, their work becomes easier.  These controls are program objects like choice buttons, text boxes, and buttons that you use for various purposes. With the tab key, filing in a form or typing a document is done efficiently.

With that said, most people only know how to Tab forward and not backwards using the Alt + Tab, which is very basic. tab backward But, at times you desire to move back, and maybe you are here because you want to know how to Tab in reverse. This article is the ultimate guide to solving your problem.

How to Tab Backwards

Tab backward most people are not aware of whether it’s possible, but the short answer is that you can tab backward. How do you do that? Usually, the Alt + Tab moves to the right. But in case you skip the window you are looking for, there is no need to keep tabbing to the end of the list then you start all over again. The method will surely work, but you will have wasted time you would otherwise have saved, particularly if you had opened many windows.

Using Alt + Shift + Tab, you can move in reverse to the window you want. In case you had pressed Alt + Tab then the window you are interested in skips your eyes, then press the Shift key and without releasing it, press Tab once-this will take you backward.

Alternatively, you can use Ctrl + Shift+ Tab to move from right to left instead of using Alt + Shift + Tab. Either of them works, and the best combination for you is your choice.


Most people are only aware of how they can use the Tab key to move right from window A to window B or to indent, and when the need arises, they reach out to the mouse or keyboard to navigate backward which is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. However, there is a way you can utilize the same key to move back, and this article has shown you how.

Now you don’t have to use your precious time switching from mouse to keyboard and repeating the processes countless times when moving from one window or part of a page to another. Using either Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Alt + Shift + Tab, you will achieve your aim.

Hopefully, you have gotten the answer to your issue and won’t hesitate to include these tricks whenever you are working on your PC as it improves your efficiency.

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