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How to Link Twitch to Discord

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How to Link Twitch to Discord

Have you desired to link Twitch to Discord and you don’t know how you can go about it? If so, then this guide will show you precisely what you need to do to link Twitch to Discord successfully.  So, hang on, there is a solution.

Most people who use Discord are gamers because it is a convenient way of communicating with fellow players while still playing their favorite game. On the other hand, those who stream using Twitch view Discord as a way of connecting followers and friends to make a Twitch chat alive.

Good enough it is possible to connect Twitch and Discord accounts, and so players can benefit a lot from the integration. Below is how you can link Twitch to Discord.

  1. Open your Discord app and look for user settings
  2. After finding it, look for the connections button
  3. Look for the Twitch icon and click on it. You will be requested to login to your Twitch account. Go ahead and login into the account.
  4. The process will take you to a page of all streamers you have subscribed to. From this page, you can now join their servers.

Setting up the OBS Overlay

The Open Broadcaster Software overlay offers a great way of linking chat on Discord to your stream. It is possible to create a widget displaying a real-time chat stream and afterwards include the widget to OBS. It is also possible to add several channels and change between them. Widgets showing the person talking and serve invite and name are also available.

Enable Streamer Mode

This feature isn’t exciting, but it’s important because once it is enabled, it will make personal information on your channel and server invites invisible to others preventing abuse. Another importance is that the streamer Mode prevents notifications from showing on your stream. After enabling this feature, it turns on automatically after opening OBS and is included in Discord natively.

Is it Important to Link Twitch to Discord?

Perhaps you are wondering if there is any benefit of linking your Twitch to Discord. You are not alone. Most people the same question when thinking of linking Twitch to Discord. Although there are no particular advantages of linking these two accounts, you might be required to connect them to participate in specific communities.

For instance, if a particular user who is streaming on Twitch has a Discord server which is subscriber-only, or is having an event or give away, they could use Discord. In such a scenario, to take part, you will have to link your two accounts.


In case you wanted to link your Twitch to Discord and you didn’t know what to do, you can follow the steps provided in this guide to do so. Hopefully, you will successfully link the two accounts and will benefit from them.

Remember that you may not have to link the two accounts, but sometimes you may be required to for you to participate in specific communities. Besides that, there are also other benefits you will get, such as gathering your fans and friends in one platform.



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