4 Ways to Be More Productive When Working from Home

Whether you have been working from home permanently for some time now, have a job role that requires you to split your time between working in the office and at home, or else work for yourself, then you are no doubt always looking for ways to increase your levels of enjoyment and efficiency.

Here for your information and of course reading pleasure, are four ways to be considerably more productive when working from home.

Keep Refreshments Nearby

If your office space is on the second floor of your home, then a fantastic idea to enable you to stay refreshed and alert whilst still at your desk is to invest in a mini fridge to sit either at the side or even underneath your desk.

What is more, if you have the space, you could even treat yourself to a coffee machine and if you are a vaper, stock up on quality vape juice from a reputable supplier such as and keep spare coils, batteries and chargers within reach. Stopping these little interruptions when you go to fetch a bottle of water, a new bottle of e-juice, or to make a coffee will give you more time in your working day and lead to greater productivity.

Set Aside Your Phone

It may well be the case that you need your phone as part of your working day, but ideally, you should be free from distractions, particularly in terms of social media and text messaging, whilst you are working.

If you are someone who uses their phone whilst working for professional reasons, then you should silence all notifications which are not directly related to your working day.Your friends and family members will soon see that you cannot and will not answer your phone whilst you are working and will hopefully reduce the number of times that they attempt to contact you during the working day.

Start With a Simple Routine

Even though you may be someone who feels as if a routine is monotonous and tedious, there is still something to be said for having a simple and as small as you like routine for when you first sit down at your desk.

Make yourself a coffee, position your laptop comfortably, adjust your seat and related accessories, and begin by checking your e-mails and replying to any that require an answer. This way, you can check off an important task immediately and feel in the mood to continue with a positive and productive attitude.

Meal Preparation

One of the biggest benefits of being able to work from home, at least some of the time if not all the time, is the opportunity it affords you to have a more structured and hopefully altogether healthier daily diet.

To ensure this is the case, a fantastic idea is to batch-cook some healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and keep them in the freezer.Every morning, as part of your new working from home routine, you can leave one out to defrost ready for lunchtime.


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