A trendy and useful guide for mascara boxes

mascara boxes

A trendy and useful guide for mascara boxes

One of the major elements in making the perfect custom mascara boxes is the font style. It has the ability to either intrigue more interest in the customer or to push them away from the product. Make sure to choose attractive fonts that are up to date with the latest trends. Furthermore, remember that these fonts should be readable for the customers. If you choose a font style that is not readable for the customers, then this might end up in a bad customer experience. The color of the fonts should be in perfect contrast with the color of the packaging. This makes the text pop out more, and it gets easier to read it from far away.

Choose unique shapes

If you take a look at all the successful cosmetic brands, you will find that almost all of them often experiment with the shapes of cardboard mascara boxes. If you are looking to give a unique touch to your packaging, you can opt for this option too. The best idea is to conduct a small survey with the target audience. Give them some designs you have in your mind and let them choose. In this way, you would know what your target audience wants. You can then design your packaging based on the feedback you received, and the chances of your success will be doubled. There are a lot of companies that make cosmetic products, so a unique shape will help you in standing out from the crowd.

Use of colors

Colors always have a major role to play in the first appearance of any product packaging. Custom printed boxes for mascara can be used for grabbing the attention of the customers if properly colored. Follow the latest trends and look for colors that can be infused into your packaging. For instance, on occasions like Christmas, the colors green and red are high in demand. On such occasions, you can use such colors. But generally, the colors black and golden are always trending, and you can use these colors to display the elegance and class of your products.

Use custom inserts

The best way to uplift your cardboard boxes for mascara is by adding value to the packages. You can do this by adding custom inserts inside the packaging. These custom inserts can be like dividers, which partition the box for more space. This is a feature that is often used by successful companies in their premium products as mascara is a premium product too, so this feature needs to add here too. Furthermore, by providing these inserts, these mascara sticks are firmly locked inside the box, which helps with the protection of them as well.

Use high-quality materials and finishes.

To make your makeup packaging more premium, you have to use high-quality materials. There is no shortcut for your products to look more worthy. The good thing here is that, luckily, these packages are made from materials that are not too costly. Commonly Kraft cardboard and corrugated are used for this purpose, and these materials can be found easily. Due to their availability, the prices are often low when compared to steel or slid wood packages. Make sure to use 12pts to 20pts thick cardstock for the most premium feeling and sturdiness. Quality finishes are also needed to improve the look and feel of the packaging. The most common finishes are Matte, gloss, spot UV, etc. Visit your supplier to look at the samples and then decide.

Protection of products

Mascara sticks are delicate items, and they need durable packaging for being carried safely. This is why high-quality cardstock is preferred for making these packages. Other than that, water or moisture is the next big enemy of mascara sticks. You can coat your custom mascara boxes with a coat of vinyl to add a moisture-resistant layer on top of the packaging. This will add a glossy finish to your packaging and is resistant to moisture too. Designing Mascara Boxes for your business can seem like a daunting task. It is the same for both an experienced businessman and a newbie. The basics always stay the same; you can add a touch of trendiness to make them more attractive. So follow the points mentioned above and get started.

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