Challenges orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan face during their practice career

orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan

The doctor is a noble and most challenging profession. They have to be very careful and active throughout their career. A little mistake on their side can lead to devastating outcomes. So it is for them to be alert and handle every situation intelligently. However, as human beings, they can also make mistakes. So they have many challenges to face during their never-ending professional career.

What an orthopedic surgeon do?

Doctors specialize in various areas of the medical field. Some are dermatologists, who take care of our skin-related problems. Others are heart specialists, who makes sure our heart works properly. Similarly, there are gynecologists, neuro or brain specialists, dentists, and many more. All of them work hard in their departments to keep us healthy and live a joyful life. Here we will discuss an orthopedic surgeon. He is a specialist in bones. An orthopedic surgeon treats bone and joint problems.

He either does it with medicine or through surgery. They have to be very active and should have the ability to make quick decisions. This is because a little injury to bone or joint can deprive a person of locomotion. Orthopedic surgeons in Pakistan are very efficient and struggle to provide treatment by using modern equipment. They keep on increasing their knowledge and do researches to bring in new methods of surgeries to Pakistan. Apart from this, they have to face many challenges during their practice career.

Challenges orthopedic surgeon face while practicing

There are so many challenges that an orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan goes through. Here few of them are mentioned to make people see things from a surgeon’s perspective.

Professional life overcomes personal life

Bones get weak as we grow older. Nowadays bone and joint pain are encountered in patients at an early age. This may be due to unhealthy intake of food or busy lives. As the population of Pakistan increases day by day the number of patients is increasing. So is the work of our surgeons and doctors. Every single person experiences joint pains or bone breakage due to a weak skeleton system. This is causing an orthopedic surgeon to attend to more and more people in a single day to provide the medical facility. Taking out time from such a hectic routine is nearly impossible. This affects the personal life of a doctor. They are forced to spend quality time with family because patients are more important. Surgeons have to immediately respond to emergency calls.

Have to deal with different minds

Not every mind is the same. Every person is born with different nature and with time develops behavior according to the place where he was brought up. So in a professional career of a surgeon, he has to deal with patients with different minds and backgrounds. Satisfying all the patients mentally is a tough job. And to calm down and motivate the patient is much important to prepare him for surgery and quick recovery afterward. Some patients are stubborn, some are suspicious and some understand things quickly. Some think having a scan for imaging reports is useless and a waste of money. They accuse surgeons of wasting their time and money. Dealing with all this requires great stamina and patience. It is very tough for a surgeon to convince his patients and gain their confidence.

Hardly get time to look upon their health

As mentioned before the number of patients is increasing. This means more checkups and surgeries every day. Which an orthopedic surgeon has to perform attentively. With this exhausting routine, they hardly look upon themselves. Also, continuous work affects them mentally and emotionally. This in return affects their performance. That’s why sometimes surgeons speak rudely with patient’s families.

May make small mistakes due to hectic routine

An orthopedic surgeon may sometimes make a mistake due to a hectic routine. This is because they have to do everything quickly for managing time and looking other patients as well. These mistakes may include improper handling of the wound. Stitches are either too tight or too loose that they may break. Early opening of stitches. These small mistakes may occur unintentionally.

Less time to talk to every patient

An increasing number of patients spare less time for surgeons to talk to patients in detail. This causes a sense of unrest among patients and their family members. Family members get aggressive when the surgeon talks less to them about patients’ updated health status. When the patient is in the operation theater for surgery an orthopedic surgeon sometimes ignores talking to family members because they have to manage time for other surgeries on a cue. This is the most challenging part for a surgeon to talk less but in a way that satisfies people waiting for their loved ones. During this period they may come across harsh words from the family members. But an orthopedic surgeon keeps themselves calm and absorb all such bitter things without getting annoyed. It’s part of their profession.

Unavailability of modern technology for surgery

one of the most challenging situations for an orthopedic surgeon is the unavailability of modern technology at some medical centers. And if it’s available then charges are too high that not every patient can afford it. I. this situation it becomes hard for a surgeon to convince patients to pay for using such modern equipment.

Keep themselves updated to new technological methods

The most important part of an orthopedic surgeons’ career is to keep themselves updated. For this, they have to keep an eye on new surgical methods with the latest pieces of equipment. So they have to keep on studying throughout their medical career. Now you can imagine that how hard they work to manage time for surgeries, attending patients, and study also.


We often ignore how hard an orthopedic surgeon is working. Whether it is an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore or all over Pakistan there work is appreciable. It is our responsibility to understand such things and cooperate with these surgeons. We should lend our hand to make their work easy. So they can work in a supportive environment actively and intelligently.



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