How to get Healthy Eyes through Diet & Nutrition

Healthy Eyes through Diet

How to get Healthy Eyes through Diet & Nutrition

A balanced diet is a term we are often told about by our parents, doctors, and dieticians. What makes this term so important? Well, eating a well-balanced diet guarantees to keep your body and eyes healthy. Balanced diet can even limit serious eye conditions and some food for healthy eyes includes food that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals to prevent any such eye complications. Some conditions which you can prevent with a well-balanced diet are cataracts, age-related conditions, glaucoma, poor eye vision, or something as simple as dry eyes. Buying eyeglasses on prescription provided by doctors and wearing eyeglasses diligently is necessary. Eyes are precious and they deserve the extra care and though diet plays a major factor eyeglasses aid the journey for healthy eye and vision. You can easily find the most amazing eyeglasses offline and online through Smartlenses.

Eyes need certain antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E and Omega 3 fatty acids which are  highly advantageous. Zinc and lutein are also essential vitamins that are needed for healthy eyes. An even-handed diet and food for healthy eyes should include all the above elements and more to maintain the proper functioning of the body. One tip is to always maintain a colour scheme and monitor if your food has a variety of greens, reds, and yellows.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive imported foods like Kale or Avocados; it can be whatever is locally available and most importantly in season. Winters are here and this calls for carrots in abundance so eat up to retain vitamin A from the bunny food.

Here are some foods that are available all year round and at reasonable prices.

  1. Fish: Fish is an awesome food for healthy eyes. Fish is rich in omega 3 acids and these fatty acids lead to the better health of the retina in the back of the eye. It even helps with dry eyes which is one of the most common issues for the generation who is always on tech. Choose any sea fish like salmon which is rich in omega 3s and stir up delicious recipes like salmon in butter garlic sauce with a side of potato and greens. You can even grill or bake it with herbs and beautiful seasoning. If Indian is your favourite you can go for a classic Bengali cauliflower and fish recipe or dig into a crazy mean fish curry from Kerala.
  2. Eggs: Eggs are a portion of comfort food for many, given the ease to make them. Scramble, boiled, poached, or sunny side up each takes 5 minutes to the most however do not discredit the benefits. The yolk contains vitamins and zinc and even lutein which are essentially score 100 on the food for healthy eyes criteria. Eggs also contain zinc that helps improve night vision.
  3. Almonds: We all have seen our grandmothers soak almonds overnight in water and eat it on empty stomach. This is not voodoo but real science. Almonds are great for eyesight as it contains vitamin E which helps maintain the healthy tissues of the eyes. You can enjoy snacks early morning or even in the late evening by skipping the chips and grabbing the nuts. However, almonds are calorie-rich so do not exceed one serving a day and it is one of the best foods for healthy eyes.
  4. Dairy: Unless you are allergic to dairy one can always benefit from milk and yogurt. Dairy products contain vitamin A and the mineral zinc. Zinc is primarily found all around the eye in the retina and the choroid. Yogurt is an excellent food for healthy eyes and best taken in the form of buttermilk or plain yogurt after meals. Milk from grass-fed cows garners the best results.
  5. Carrots: Carrots are nothing new in the quest of healing eyes, no it won’t miraculously improve your eyesight in a day! Carrots are good because they contain vitamin A like egg yolks. Carrots help prevent eye infections and surface area conditions as they have beta carotene. Carrots are elementary to eat as food for healthy eyes and you can eat them in the form of salad, or a side with meat and fish, or stir them up in a healthy bowl of soup.
  6. Oranges: Oranges are in plenty during winter, and best as it is a premium food for healthy eyes. They are highly rich in vitamin c, which is one of the most crucial vitamins for eye health. This vitamin helps in maintaining the healthy blood vessels in your eyes. Do not opt for the packaged orange juice as it is just extracts of orange with tons of sugar. Juice oranges at home or go to your nearby juicer to relish the juice and taking its benefits. If juices are not your beverage of choice you can opt for a Mediterranean salad with oranges which is a perfect get along.


A healthy diet is essential not just for maintaining eye health but also for health in general. Food for healthy eyes should be rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which will benefit your body as a composite whole. Choosing food that is non processed on an everyday basis is easy. Choose fruits over instant noodles. Stir up a soup full of nutrients from chicken and carrots and beans rather than boiling the packaged 2-minute soup. Small changes get you big results, and one step takes you way ahead in the health race.

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