How To Optimize Your Cannabis Business for Search Engines?

What is SEO? SEO refers to a set of measures that are meant to achieve the purpose of optimizing a website and improving its SERP position. SEO assists your site and business in harnessing new customers and expanding. A good SEO will boost your site’s organic visibility to make it easier for users to locate you quickly. Therefore, if you own a cannabis business and probably a website on the same, you can utilize SEO to effectively drive more relevant traffic to your leads, website, sales, and eventually the profits and revenue for your business.

Why should you pay close attention to SEO? In the wake of every new day, billions of people flock to the internet to look for something. The traditional brick and motor businesses like the CBD concentrate suppliers relying primarily on the physical manifestation of customers will probably miss out on all the billions of netizens. The searches of netizens online develop organic traffic, which is mostly very powerful in terms of quantitative terms and more so for specific queries that mainly bear intent. This article demonstrates some of the best ways to optimize your cannabis business for search engines.

Define an organic search keyword list

You are probably wondering what the meaning of the organic search keyword is. It lists phrases and words that people use when searching for your dispensary. There are many examples of such. One of them is pay-per-click or paid search. It is the payment of the search engine to show ads when people search for their keywords. Cannabis, dispensaries, and CBD products contain minimal options that could be used to search for PPC. It would be a great idea to have your focus on the organic search first. So, you need first to list keywords that netizens will use as they search for your services and products. Examples of SEO keywords you can use are; where to purchase cannabis near me, variations using marijuana, Kush, vape, recreational cannabis, and dispensary name.

Optimize for long-tail keywords for the intent of the visitor

A long-tail keyword refers to a particular phrase compared to an individual keyword. For instance, “Gummies” is a keyword example. On the other hand, “buy edible CBD gummies in Boulder, Colorado” is an excellent example of a long-tail keyword. A long-tail keyword does not possess a similar search volume as a specific keyword. However, the long-tail keyword contains an intent that is very specific to what the search was meant for. As you optimize your keywords, you should be aware of the basic principles that would guide Google’s algorithms during the ranking of sites. They include;

  1. The ages containing up-to-date and high-quality information concerning the request of users are given high priority in Google searches.
  2. Google algorithms define relevance through the analysis of the content of your website. Also, using algorithms evaluates whether the content matches what the user searches for based mainly on the keywords in the text.
  3. Google determines a site’s quality in different ways, paying increased attention to the quality and quantity of other websites linking your website and page in general.

The Google algorithm will also evaluate the additional elements to determine where your site will rank. Examples include;

  1. The mobile-friendliness and loading speed of your website
  2. The way people interact with your site. i.e., do people find the information they need and stay on the site? Do they return to the search page and follow another link? Are people ignoring you in the search results?
  3. Is all your content unique or duplicated?

Start a blog that will focus on CBD or cannabis topics

As part of a content marketing strategy, you will need to write optimized blog posts for organic searches. Some of the ways you can develop helpful content as a cannabis marketer include;

  1. Talking about new strains
  2. Sharing your passion and knowledge for the industry of cannabis
  3. Discussing the uses of medical marijuana
  4. Reviewing different CBD products or cannabis
  5. Answering some common questions like, “what are the benefits of the different strains?”

Utilise keyword Variations and Repetitions

As you write content using keyword variation and repetition in your page content, strive to create relevant page content to get the highest ranking. Also, remember that an essential part of creating content is using phrases and keywords. Repetition is necessary, but you should try not repeating keywords quite too often. It is advisable to repeat the keywords in your content two to three times for the short pages and four to six times for the longer ones. Additionally, you should always include your keywords in your first paragraph. The location of your phrase or keyword is necessary for the search engine to understand what the content is all about.

Utilise the dispensary SEO Keywords in section headers

Keywords should always be included in the header tags to help search engines like Google understand what the content is all about. An example of a bad title is, “We love the brand of this bud.” On the other hand, a good header is, ” XYZ is our favorite cannabinoid brand.”

Final Thought

It is always not possible to follow all the SEO recommendations perfectly. Therefore, think about what suits you best and what you are good at. You can seek professional consultation to jumpstart a successful cannabis business if possible. Remember, SEO marketing is the most relevant skill in this digital age and era. Therefore, always strive to sacrifice your resources and time for the best outcome.


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