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How to use culinary herbs for your everyday diet

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Using a variety of herbs not only pleases your taste buds but also helps to keep your body healthy. Herbs are low in calories and have healing properties as well. Herbs have been used in every household for ages and the body’s response to these natural remedies has not changed. However, there is no alternative for medical care and routine checkups. But to avoid diseases and stay healthy, a healthy diet and sensible eating patterns are crucial.

A basic understanding of food and herbs is the key to your sensible eating pattern. Here are 10 beneficial herbs and spices to include in your everyday diet.


Turmeric is one such spice that is common in every Indian household. It offers a bright yellow tinge to any cuisine and elevates its taste instantly. Apart from culinary usage, turmeric is known for its magical health benefits. It has bioactive compounds with healing properties. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory compound and plays a vital role in repairing damaged cells of your body.

Turmeric is commonly used for osteoarthritis, liver diseases, hay fever, depression, itching, and high cholesterol. You can add a pinch of turmeric in your frittata or scrambled egg or put in half a teaspoon of turmeric in warm milk for more benefits.


Parsley is a good source of Vitamin A, C, and loaded antioxidants. If you are suffering from hypertension, including this herb can help you ease related symptoms and boost immunity. Parsley also contains the chemical apigenin, which impedes the development of cancer cells according to several studies. It also affects heart health positively and reduces high blood pressure.

Many people use it as a garnish or include it in a marinade. A quick way to include this in your diet is by adding it to your salads, soups, or pasta. Or blend a healthy smoothie with all green veggies and parsley to cut off weight with a flavor boost.


Cinnamon twig adds up great flavors and appears to have antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. This healing spice has also proven effective in controlling gastrointestinal issues including indigestion and diarrhea. The prebiotic properties of cinnamon improve gut health and suppress the development of pathogenic bacteria. Some evidence also proves its effectiveness in controlling blood pressure.

You can add the cinnamon powder into smoothies or sprinkle it on warm homemade porridge. Make savory cookies, pastries, and banana bread with cinnamon powder.


Those finely chopped green garnishes on your baked food are known for their antioxidant effects and are a rich source of Vitamin A and C. This healing herb also offers protection from gastric cancer. They are packed with vitamin K, a crucial element in bone density. It contains choline and folate and is found as an active ingredient in many herbal products. One tablespoon of chives includes 3% of vitamin A and vitamin C. You can use it as a substitute for onions or add it to salads and soups as a garnish.


Ginger appears to have several health benefits. Active compounds in ginger known as gingerols prevent the growth of oral bacteria and keep your smile bright and healthy. It is known to treat nausea in expecting mothers and cancer patients and helps to get rid of the built-up gas in your intestine. Ginger is also effective in treating muscle soreness with prolonged use. If you are a chai-tea lover, add ginger to your tea and experience health with rich aromas. Or try it out with fish, soups, and stir-fry.

Stinging nettle

Urtica dioica, commonly known as stinging nettle, has been a staple ingredient in herbal medicines for ages. Ancient Egyptians tried stinging nettle to treat arthritis and back pain. The leaves and roots of this plant contain a variety of nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and helps in reducing inflammation. It also adds up to glossy and bouncy hair and improves overall hair health by controlling dandruff. Many experts also suggest consuming nettle in the form of tea. You can also add it to a variety of soups and pesto recipes.


Dandelion is a natural diuretic that helps this herb treat digestive issues, liver infections, and high blood pressure. Every part of the dandelion is full of magical health benefits. Dandelion root is rich in carbohydrate inulin that helps to improve gastrointestinal issues and liver functioning. Dandelion is often sun-dried and used in tea or tinctures.

Need dandelion roots? Search herbal stores near me and get it in the form of a supplement or powder.


Garlic belongs to the allium family and has potent medicinal properties. The most popular benefit of those is allicin; this compound is found in fresh raw garlic after being chopped or chewed. If you are planning to lose weight, a clove of garlic will do wonders. It is very nutritious with low-calorie content and is a rich source of  Vitamin C, manganese, and B6. Garlic is known to combat the common cold and improve cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of developing heart diseases.

Eating it raw on an empty stomach is the best way to consume garlic. But if you don’t like its pungent natural taste, add it to your meals and snacks.

Bay leaves

Of course, there is a reason for putting bay leaves in every cold-soothing stew and soups. Bay leaves contain an oil with an active ingredient, cineole, that alleviates discomfort caused due to sinusitis. Some studies show that inhaling essential oil can reduce fluid buildup and inflammation in the sinuses. Use bay leaves in a pot recipe or regular meals to enjoy health with earthy flavors.


Herbal medicine is people’s therapy. It is easily accessible, affordable, and is safe to consume without a doctor’s supervision. However, some spices and herbs can instigate allergic reactions. Consulting a general physician will help you to understand the amount and type of spices you can eat at a time. Drugs can damage our health, so instead, go for an aromatic and nutritive healing herb to regain or maintain a healthy body.



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