Who Is Qualified to Provide Micro pigmentation Services?

If you’re ready for micro pigmentation treatment, one of the most important steps is finding a qualified artist. This is a significant decision; working with an artist who communicates well and can deliver top-quality results is ideal. A qualified practitioner will also have an impressive portfolio and valid certifications. Here are a few desirable qualities to look for in an SMP practitioner.


Proper training and experience are strong indicators of a qualified scalp micro pigmentation artist. They reveal how well the practitioner has mastered the art of providing this form of treatment. During your consultation, feel free to ask about the artist’s experience in the industry, as well as what forms of training they have completed. Since scalp micro pigmentation is a process that requires attention to detail, thorough training makes an artist more desirable to work with.


A qualified SMP artist should meet all of the training and licensing requirements specific to your state. The certificates help to display their competence and ability to provide excellent results. Consider choosing an artist certified by any of the following reputable organizations:

  • The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM)
  • The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics (AIIC)
  • The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)

Certification from one of these organizations demonstrates that the artist can provide SMP services. If you’re curious about the details, read your state’s licensing regulations. For instance, more SMP artists must pass practical and written tests to get the certification. Depending on their membership plans, they may work for several years to get certified. The credentials prove that they are competent and knowledgeable artists.

Being familiar with these requirements can help you know what to look for and what questions to ask. Your practitioner should be able and willing to provide proof of certification. 

The aforementioned organizations also offer educational courses to SMP artists who already have basic training and are currently working. This allows them to refine their skills and practice new techniques. 

The micro pigmentation service provider must have certification from the local Board of Health. This certification verifies that the artist:

  • Doesn’t reuse applicators
  • Puts on new gloves before the treatment
  • Uses sterilized tools and equipment
  • Meets your state’s safety requirements and regulations
  • Follows proper waste disposal procedures
  • Operates in a clean, neat, and safe environment


Skilled SMP artists have a diverse portfolio showing their work samples. It should contain “before” and “after” photos of their procedures. These photos clearly show clients’ scalps prior to treatment and after receiving treatment, giving you an idea of the results you can expect. A portfolio is intended to demonstrate the artist’s ability, style, and technique.

As you examine the portfolio, ask yourself:

  • Does the artist pay close attention to detail, symmetry, and pigment? Since results are semi-permanent, you don’t want to risk the appearance of any obvious mistakes or unnatural-looking areas.
  • How do the pigments used appear in the photos? SMP ink should match your hair color and skin complexion.
  • Are you looking for similar results depicted by their after photos? If not, consider trying another artist. Not all artists will have a style that matches your preference; it’s okay to keep looking until you find one that does.


Highly trained and certified artists are well-known for providing the best SMP services. They have a long list of satisfied customers. Depending on the privacy agreements of the business, you may be able to contact previous customers to hear about the details of their experience. This can be a reassuring way to know what you can expect from the artist. 

You can also visit the artist’s website to check for testimonials from their previous clients. Make sure that most of the reviews are positive and detailed. Ideally, reviews will provide pictures of other clients’ results.

Identify any negative reviews to understand other clients’ points of dissatisfaction. Compare the positive and negative reviews to make a well-informed decision.

Check if the practitioner responds to clients’ reviews. If they do, look at how they communicate and offer solutions. This gives you an understanding of how well they attend to clients’ needs and preferences.


SMP artists with impressive portfolios and a good reputation can give you the best micro pigmentation results. They should work with you through each treatment session to fulfill the details agreed upon during your consultation. You could also consult about the SMP tools or machines the artist uses to administer treatment. Qualified practitioners should use up-to-date equipment and continually work to refine their craft.

Get Micropigmentation Services from Qualified Artists

Want to get your hair tattoo done right the first time? Work with highly trained and qualified scalp micro pigmentation artists today. These practitioners have vast expertise and certifications from industry-leading organizations. They use the best SMP inks, techniques, and tools to achieve desired and long-lasting hair loss solutions. When you work with a professional, you can rest assured that you’ll love the results!


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