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11 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

11 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Marketing connects customers with the brands and convinces them into investing in a product or service. In recent times, digital marketing has garnered a lot of attraction. It has captured the minds of marketers who want to create a strong online presence and brand positioning. It is because digital marketing has come out as an effective medium of marketing as compared to the traditional marketing methods. (Advantages of Digital Marketing)

Digital marketing is any marketing activity that is carried online using electronic media. In this blog, we are going to discuss ways in which digital marketing gets an advantage over traditional marketing by a well-known affordable digital marketing company in Karachi.

As the world is moving towards a digital age where people spend a huge chunk of their spare time on digital platforms, businesses are becoming aware of this fact and hence leveraging the popularity of these digital platforms. Marketing is all about forming a connection with the customers at the right place and time. Regardless of the type or size of your business, you can benefit enormously from digital marketing services. (Advantages of Digital Marketing)

Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

The benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing are massive! Below, we have listed down eleven of them:

1.      Cost-Effective

Marketing costs are one of the biggest financial burdens after the initiation of the business. While large-scale businesses usually don’t have any trouble investing a hefty sum of money in marketing, for small businesses, it can be a daunting challenge. However, marketing through digital platforms has made it easier for small businesses to market their businesses effectively. For example, with the investment of just a few dollars, you can avail of email marketing services and directly communicate with your potential customers through emails.


2.      Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

For businesses, nothing matters more than the ROI. And digital marketing offers a significant return on investment. Even with a small investment, greater can be achieved. For example, with social media marketing, you can target the audience and sell your business to them directly with just an investment of a few dollars.


3.      Measurable Outcome

The progress and the results of digital marketing campaigns can be easily measured. Compared to traditional marketing where you have to wait for months to evaluate the results of the campaign, digital marketing gives quick results. Using the analytic tools, you can easily know how your campaign is performing. Moreover, Google Analytics is a very efficient and effective tool for measuring the goals that a website aims to achieve. Google AdWords allows users to assess the performance of the ads and learn how many people have viewed the ads and how many have converted. Similarly, social media also has an analytics tool that allows the admin to view the clicks, engagement rate, and conversions.


4.      Adjustable

The information about the performance of the campaign will inform the business on how to take the campaign further ahead. If the campaign is performing well, you can continue with the same campaign with just a click. But if you think that the campaign needs some amendments, you can adjust it at any time. While in traditional marketing, once you have started working on any campaign, even if the campaign does not work as you had anticipated, you would still have to continue working as per the contract.


5.      Wider Range

Another dynamic in which traditional marketing can’t match the level of digital marketing. Unless you are putting in hundreds of dollars to get your business placed in The New York Times, it is nearly impossible to reach people as much as the digital medium. Through digital marketing, you can pick up the exact amount of people that you want to target. And even without running ads, you can get your website ranked on the search engine through optimization and reach a wide global audience.


6.      Brand Development

Digital marketing not just promotes your business, but also builds your brand in the process. Businesses use digital platforms to build their brand’s online presence and reputation. The website, social media accounts, blogs, and articles serve as interactive means of business promotion.


7.      Easy to Share

Digital marketing channels have a sharing feature that allows campaigns and articles to be shared with followers. This creates a multiplier effect and improves sales drastically. When people like your business and share it with others, it leads to increased brand recognition too.


8.      Precise Targeting

While the traditional medium of marketing uses the spray and pray method, the advertisement is run over a platform with the hope of reaching the target audience. On the other hand, digital marketing allows targeted campaigns where ads are placed in front of the target audience based on their interests, preferences, and recent activities.


9.      Non-Intrusive 

As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is non-intrusive. If we consider an example of newspapers, people don’t buy newspapers for ads. Still, a huge part of the newspaper is dedicated to advertisements. Similarly, people don’t watch television for advertisements. However, digital marketing and advertising allow the customer to choose if he/she wants to see the ad or not. This is the reason why people are shifting to digital streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Hence, it would be safe to say that digital marketing is way less intrusive than traditional marketing.


10.  Higher Engagement

Digital marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to connect with the audience. There are different methods of digital marketing that help businesses engage with their customers. SEO, PPC, SMM, email marketing, and so on. Through these methods, the online presence of the brand increases which makes the business visible to the target audience. The competition in the digital market has become cut-throat. Hence, businesses need to ensure seamless engagement with the audience in order to stay in the mind of the audiences. The digital platforms allow businesses to attend to customer queries, remove misconceptions, and grow revenues.

11. Instant Customer Feedback

Another great benefit of digital marketing is that it gives instant customer feedback. The platforms allow businesses to check how many customers are clicking on the link and what actions they are performing. Thus, online marketing provides instant and precise feedback which was not possible with traditional marketing methods.

Scope of Digital Marketing

With a substantial leap in marketing technologies, businesses are trying their best to maintain the revenue flow. They are doing so by bringing their brick-and-mortar stores to the digital marketplace.

Today, most people use phones to search for products and services. Hence, it has become vital for businesses to have a prominent placement in the digital world.

Final Words

Digital marketing is an effective promotion solution for all types and business sizes. While traditional marketing still remains the prime advertising field for some businesses, the transition towards online marketing has enabled brands to reach a worldwide online audience. With this field evolving at a rapid pace, it’s not a surprise that the demand for digital marketing specialists has increased drastically. Having all this said, it won’t be incorrect to say that the future of the digital world is bright.


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