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Do you have too many photos on your iPhone? Here’s how to handle them.

Keeping a phone with as many features as the iPhone free of junk can be difficult. If you’ve owned one, you’ll understand the main issues that may arise while using an iPhone to handle images.

Do you feel that this issue frequently limits your pleasure in the photos? Do you devote considerable time swiping than looking at old photos? There are various duplicate photos on iPhones, and in this blog, we will see how to delete duplicate photos from iPhone.

Below are the most effective methods to manage images on iPhone without having to do a lot.

Compress Photos

However, there are situations when you only want to alter a photo & adjust its size through compression. It’s all right.

  • Navigate to Photos. Select photographs & then click the “Action” icon in the lower left corner, followed by the “Mail” option.
  • It will launch the “Mail” app. Type in the blanks for “To” & “Subject.” Click the “Send” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the hat size that best fits your needs. Your mail will be sent with compressed photographs.

Transfer photos to the computer

However, backing up images to the computer is the third alternative for simply managing photos on your iPhone.

  • Simply connect the iPhone to the computer, & “Autoplay” windows appear.
  • Choose “Import Pictures & Videos.”
  • Look through your folders for photographs. Then choose “Import” to move pictures to the computer.

Create a new photos album

This is another great way to organize photos on iPhone.

  • Make some new photo albums. Navigate to Albums in the Photos app > tap the “+” symbol in the upper left corner > provide a title for the new album & tap “Save.” You may now have individual folders for each of the pre-sets provided by Apple.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer for iOS

Systweak Software’s Duplicate Photos Fixer deletes duplicate photographs. The app justifies being at the top of the list for various reasons. Because of its simple user interface & strong scan, it is the finest software for deleting duplicate photos on iPhone. Duplicate Photos Fixer scans and displays duplicates in just a few seconds & combines all copies altogether. It retains one image of each copy set unmodified and the others marked for deletion. Duplicates may also be manually selected by marking them. Following that, you may eliminate duplicates with a single tap. Also, it enables you to backup the data before removing them. Duplicate Photos Fixer is the best duplicate photo cleaner/ duplicate photo remover

Duplicate Photos Fixer is the best duplicate photo finder tool that not only assists in reducing unneeded clutter and also saves vital time & effort sifting through hundreds of photographs manually. It functions as a storage cleaner, removing similar and almost identical photos. The tool helps both amateurs and professionals manage respective photo libraries.

Duplicate Images Fixer is a simple software for removing duplicate photos from your iPhone. It does a fast scan to check for exact photographs, including identical images. The duplicate photo finder detects and tags duplicate photos automatically, saving you time. By using an excellent duplicate picture finder, you can remove duplicate images from your iPhone.

Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer:

  • Keeps the photo gallery neat: Scan & clean similar & duplicate photographs on your iPhone to create a nice photo gallery.
  • Increases storage space: You could clear duplicate data & restore occupied space by using various scanning modes.
  • Duplicate photo eraser Removes duplicate copies of identical or similar-looking photos with a few clicks.
  • Classifies duplicates in groups: Duplicates are organized into categories so that you may evaluate the results before eliminating them.
  • Remove duplicate photos quickly.
  • Look for photographs that are the same or comparable in appearance.
  • Easily free space for storage.
  • iPhone Photo Organizer
  • Effortlessly delete duplicate photographs.
  • The comparable photo finder also will choose photographs that are similar.
  • Change the scan parameters for the similarity level.
  • In iPhone, preview prior to deleting duplicate photographs.
  • Duplicates are presented in groups to make them easier to grasp.
  • Mark all duplicates save one in each group.
  • Delete all highlighted photos at once.

Criteria for Scanning

The duplicate photo cleaner has 3 scan parameters for locating duplicate images:

  • Standard: Looks for photographs that are comparable.
  • Active: Only looks for similar & exact duplicates.
  • Custom: To check using custom scan parameters.

Steps to use Duplicate Photos Fixer:

  • Download & install Duplicate Photos Fixer from App Store.
  • Run the application > grant access permission.
  • You will now see the detected duplicate picture, categorized into groups.
  • After previewing, select the images you want to delete and hit the Trash icon.

Note: Selected pictures will also be deleted from albums. Therefore, please be sure before you tap the Trash icon.


In this blog, we have seen various methods to organize photos and also how we can remove duplicate & similar photos. Organizing photos and deleting copies on iPhone helps remove extra junk and provides more storage. Try these fixes to remove duplicate photos from iPhone and save valuable space.


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