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Ensure Safety Of Your Child With FamiSafe Parental Control App

If you are going to consider FamiSafe for parental control Link and location tracking of your child, Bar with a very right choice and hoping a lot for it. This is a family safety setup app that helps the combined family to bring a sense of safety to all of them. This app brings a suite of useful tools that are designed to keep the child safe in the world. This application will provide the parents with everything they want to make with their child and this would be a smart solution for their problems of anxiety and fear.

Advantages of choosing FamiSafe parental control app over another parental app

  • FamiSafe parental control app provides with location history timeline to the parents and lets them know the place visited by the child the whole day long.
  • This feature takes the child out of the fear of meeting and stranger end creating an unsafe and strange place for Itself since the parents know the locations visited by their child.
  • Real-time location is also provided by the application to the parents that helps them in Keeping their mind away from the fear of anxiousness.


  • Real-time location tracker feature of this application is the best among all other competitors since it tells the exact and lives location with the help of geographical Maps.
  • The parents need not know any further application tools to pursue the app. This app is very easy to be used and does not contain any additional tasks for the parents.

What is geofencing?

Geofences are the virtual boundaries created by the parents in the Device off their kid. Whenever these boundaries like school, home, clubs, bars etcetera are visited by their child and the parents get an instant notification on their device about the location of the child.

How to sign up in the FamiSafe parental control app


This is a very easy app to be used and does not require any further knowledge for use of this application.  Hair is one of the steps that could easily be used by new users.

Step 1 download the FamiSafe parental control app From the Apple Store, Google Play store, and Amazon store.

Step 2   install the application on both the devices of parent and kid.

Step 3    After installing the application when the parents open the screen of the application then there would be questions about whether the user is a parent or a kid. Choose the correct option and let all other entries be full filled correctly.

Step 4 gives all the permissions that are required by the app to run the application very fluently on both devices.

Step 5    select the other device as a kid and fill in the entries like age and nickname of your child. Also give the application permission to run as administrator, since, this will help the parents out when the child unintentionally uninstalls the application.

step 6    this app runs in the background of all apps and even tells you the battery percentage of the device of the child.

Awards won by family tracker app


However, there is a non-ending list of hearts one by the application. But it has been a winner of the 2020 national parenting products award. It has also been a part of Mom’s choice award at honoring excellence. The seal of approval is also given by the national parenting center to the most dignified parental control app.

Subscription plans offered by FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app

Firstly, a free 3-day trial is offered to the user using the app first time. The free trial does not limit any feature because it’s free but gives an allowance for all the apps to be used so that the parents can understand all the features.

  • The monthly plan lets the user use the features of the app for a month for the price of about $9.99 per month. The monthly subscription plan offers connectivity of up to 5 devices with the main device.
  • The feature of the quarterly plan costs the user about $19.99 per quarter, which is equivalent to paying $6.66 per month. this feature gives the connectivity of 10 devices to protect add track all of them.
  • The subscription plan of the annual package costs the user about $59.99 per year that is equivalent to paying $4.99 per month. This subscription plan of the FamiSafe parental control app helps the parents in connecting and protecting up to 30 devices.






This app also provides the parent’s feature of maintaining the boundary of the places visited by their child. these virtual boundaries are called Geo fences and use an instant alert when they are entered or exited by their child. The location tracker app helps the parents load the true location of their child and it is the best parental control instrument to take care of your child’s security.

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