How can Student Information Systems aid in the management of alumni data at institutions

Student Information System

The era of digitization has completely transformed the way companies execute major tasks including recruitment and administrative operations. Speaking strictly about the education sector, the schools and colleges have always persisted to look for ways to revitalize their organizational structure.

Amidst the growing demands for an improved learning and teaching system, the institutions were bound to change their approach when it came to core administrative functions. Carrying out most of which manually resulted in spending too much time and energy, hence this is where technology comes to the rescue. Education ERP software systems such as student tracking systems when successfully implemented can help to provide valuable insight into the student’s progress.

Keeping track of the academic progress of the students is not the only advantage that the student information system provides, there are other multifarious benefits as well.

Complete Alumni Information Compilation

Students who pass out from an institution go on to establish their careers in different fields after which it becomes hard for the institutions to keep track of them. It should be noted that alumni are regarded as one of the greatest assets of any institution, as they become a source of inspiration for many students. They can also act as mentors for the students who are yet to figure out what they want to do in their career and if they are facing any difficulty they can depend on the alumni’s guidance.

Without the establishment of a structured system, access to alumni can be challenging because it takes time and effort to collect information and maintain it. An advancedstudent information system is capable of ensuring an eminent alumni network that ultimately adds value and contributes to the success of educational institutions.

The ERP campus software helps to store and manage the data of alumni effectively which would include the companies or industries in which they are working since their graduation. In case they decide on a change in job or field and proceed accordingly, the data gets updated automatically.

Streamlines the Alumni Network

After graduation, most of the students tend to suffer from confusion and uncertainty as to do career wise. Lack of student support is often the major reason behind such a dilemma. This is where the alumni could prove to be quite helpful; given the fact that most of them would be working in various sectors and fields, they would have specified contacts.

Hence, they can help the institutions to set up placement cells and guide the students to prepare themselves for the recruitment process. The ERP online software would be a great system to help streamline the alumni network and efficiently host different engagement activities such as recruitment, interviews, and post-placement services.

Ensures Connection 

The software includes different tools and a host of different services which helps to sustain a strong connection with the alumni. This would enable us to keep tabs on any change in address contact information and more importantly career updates. The software provides a platform that helps the alumni to remain well-informed about all the important institution-related events and activities taking place all around the year.

Sponsorship Programs 

As a part of enhancing its reputation, the institution organizes many funds raises, scholastic and co-scholastic events throughout the year. To empower the students the institutions, arrange annual events that require sponsorship, the alumni network herein can play a significant role. During these events and conventions, the system operates to record the funds which are collected, it will also help to keep tabs on the number of educational programs on which the funds would be utilized.

Facilitates Interconnectivity among Different Members 

The ex-students who are registered as alumni can easily stay connected with other members of the alumni with the help of the software. They can also plan get-togethers as per their convenience and brainstorm different ideas which could help to benefit the current students in the institution.

In conclusion 

It should be noted that the school information system enables the teacher to keep track of those students who usually are not that vocal about the problems which they are facing. It also provides a systematic mechanism to keep records of the alumni, which does not require any manual upkeep thanks to the automatic updating system. It also helps to facilitate a smooth connection between students, alumni, and the institution.


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