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How can you enjoy fried food while living a healthy life?

Not very long ago, people seldom gave much thought to the need to keep one’s colon clean. The computer age was still decades away, and the common person understood little to nothing about fast food. Then, in the 1980s and 1990s, an epidemic of obesity was brought about by the advent of fast food.

Systems started to fail as people attempted to maintain weights that their bodies were not built to support by 30, 40, or 50%. Simultaneously, 24-hour cable television became widely accessible.

Soon afterward, the proliferation of personal computers and the widespread availability of the World Wide Web made sedentary lifestyles more appealing. It was further discouraging those who were already overweight from engaging in any kind of physical activity. As a result of consuming too much of the wrong foods and not exercising enough, individuals found themselves in a “catch-22” predicament. They were turning into “ticking time bombs” or “accidents waiting to happen.”

There has to be a complete shift to a new way of eating and working out. It meant substituting salads and fresh fruits and vegetables for burgers and fries, going for a stroll in the country rather than slaying virtual dragons online, and inhaling some fresh air instead of being cooped up in a smoke-filled room. As people become more aware of the dangers of sedentary lifestyles, these changes can be made and are already being made.

But what is the secret to going out on the route of clean living? Make sure the colon is clean and free of any grease and toxins that have accumulated. As a result of their presence in the individual’s body, they have negatively impacted their health.

How Can You Avail The Benefits of Fried Food

But what might be done to get these folks back to a more normal, healthy routine? If only to improve their dwindling standard of living, if not to prevent their early deaths.

I am aware that many people are worried about the effects of consuming fried food on their health, particularly their cholesterol levels. I run a seafood restaurant on the southern coast of Maine, and one of our constants is fried food. We provide virtually as much fried food now as we did in the past. There’s just something about a Maine trip that calls for a plate of fried clams. They say they have to wait until their yearly trip to Maine to get their fried food fixed. This is music to my ears; helping our loyal patrons with their yearly ritual is a privilege we much appreciate. It’s thrilling to know that so many people come to our eatery just for this comfort food.

We only use canola oil, and we replace it every day. We purchase excellent French fries. Also, we don’t use coated fries or fries laden with sugar. We hope to satisfy our consumers’ cravings while adding a wholesome twist to their delight. To my knowledge, eating fried food a few times a year is not harmful to anyone’s health. Our commitment to utilizing fresh fish and frying everything to order the depth of our quality standards. They extend well beyond the oil and French fries that we provide. Our onion rings are breaded with genuine milk and egg and are hand-sliced and fried to order. To avoid the lecture from your doctor, indulge in something of such excellent quality that you won’t mind breaking your diet.

Some exclusive rewards

There are advantages to eating fried food that goes beyond how it tastes. For the last several weeks, I’ve been reading up on a new kind of bio-diesel generator that uses used vegetable oil as fuel. A built-in filtration mechanism scrubs the used oil and recycles it into power for your generator. It’s incredible how far technology has come, particularly restaurant-specific gadgets. The waste that results from keeping up with our standards—for example, by changing the oil every day—is one of the most significant drawbacks.

It’s not a clean job since you have to deal with grease dumpsters, which are notorious for being untidy. When the dumpster is filled, you call a service to come to get the grease. Also, you cross your fingers that the dishwasher doesn’t make a mess when emptying the grease containers. This is a necessary evil that comes with producing a high-quality product, but it is far from exciting.

A new bio-diesel generator collects used oil, warms it, filters it, and then burns it as fuel. This method can generate enough energy to power 20% of your eatery. The generator’s waste heat may be utilized to preheat glycol pipes, which are connected to your water heater to provide as much as 80% of your home’s hot water. In a busy eatery, the dishwasher is always on and drinks up a lot of hot water. This machine’s elegance lies in its simplicity; it recycles both your trash and its own byproduct into hot water for your eatery.


This should be towards the top of the list for restaurants looking to become more environmentally friendly. They can enjoy the benefits of fries packaging if they use green packaging. When it comes time to dump your oil, a giant truck won’t have to roll into your parking lot and start belching emissions. Recycling trash into usable energy helps cut down on emissions from power plants. You won’t have to worry about oil slicks in the parking lot near your trash, and the number of flies that are attracted to them will be drastically reduced.

You may now enjoy fried food without shame and tell your doctor he could be misinformed about the dangers of doing so. Justify your actions as a conscientious patron by explaining that you’re only trying to encourage more environmentally conscious practices on the part of local eateries. This is a situation where both parties benefit, and I, for one, will be consuming fried food with less remorse, knowing that I am doing my part to protect the planet. Those fried clams just became a lot better.


If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, how can you enjoy fried foods without sacrificing your health? Find the answer here.


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