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How To Keep Clean Your Air Ducts

Clean Your Air Ducts

Has your home recently gone through renovation or remodeling or even a fresh paint job? Then it is time you think about in-depth air duct cleaning.

Apart from the post-renovation, you really do not need to fret over cleaning the air ducts. However, frequent cleaning ensures optimum working of the system without dispersing the dirt in the breathable air.

Before we get into the details of top tips on air duct cleaning, let’s quickly discuss why cleaning the ducts is important in the first place.

Why Clean Vents and Ducts?

It is true that air ducts are blamed for spreading dirt in the air and causing allergies. However, if not dealt with rightly, they can lead to serious issues in your home. It is imperative that your air ducts and vents remain clean and free of any dirt, allergens, or debris. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing breathing or lung issues.

When you follow a strict schedule in keeping the air ducts clean, you save a lot of money spent on repairs and replacements in the future. Since dirt and debris can deteriorate the system and cause it to age prematurely, it is important to maintain a proper and timely cleaning routine.

How to clean the air ducts you may ask? Then it really depends on the type of air duct installed in your home, but the basic cleaning procedure remains a standard for all sorts of ducts. Hence, it is imperative that you change the filters and clean the ducts at least once every year.

And remember you may not always be able to get all the dirt out of the duct, but the cleaner you can make it the better your system will work. Its efficiency will increase and you will also observe a decline in your utility bills.

So, to help you get started, we have compiled a list of top 10 tips that will help you maintain a clean air duct. First, we will discuss the tips on the materials used for cleaning the duct and then we will take a look at the tips and techniques on how to maintain the duct.

Top Tips On Air Duct Cleaning Materials

Here are some of the common air duct cleaning materials that you may find at home and will come in handy to clean the air duct.

  1. Get a screwdriver ready

Prior to getting inside the duct, you need to access it by removing the upper part of your unit. A screwdriver will come in handy here.

So get a screwdriver and loosen all the attached screws to remove the upper cover and access the air ducts for cleaning.

2.    Take out your vacuum cleaner

Yes, air duct cleaning requires the use of your vacuum cleaner. Get one that has a long hose and good suction power. This way you do not need to stretch out your arms inside to get into the deeper corners of the duct.

3.    Keep a good quality brush with you

Get any brush with strong bristle ends kind of like a toilet cleaning brush along with a long handle to scrub off the stubborn dirt particles accumulated inside. Keep this brush dedicated to the cleaning of the ducts only.

4.    Use paper towels to cover

Grab some clean paper towels and cover the air registers while you are cleaning the adjacent ones. The air registers otherwise such air and blows it in surrounding areas. You want to cater to that while cleaning your air ducts.

5.    Buy new furnace filters

When you are done cleaning the air ducts deep inside, then you must replace the finance filters at least once every year. So before the renovation even starts, buy new filters and keep them with you. Immediately change them as the renovation ends.

Top Tips On Air Duct Cleaning Techniques

Here are some top tips and techniques on how you can effectively clean your air ducts for the efficient functioning of your HVAC system.

1.    Switch on the fan of the system

It is imperative and crucial that you switch on the system’s fan. It will help move the dust inside around without you having to work extra hard with the vacuum or the brush. In case, there is no fan option in your system, switch on the heating feature.

  1. Make sure you tap the sides to gather the trapped dust

Tap the sides of the system and the bottom as well with the backside of the brush to help loosen any trapped dust layer on the surface. This will help accumulate the dust in the middle and it would be easier for you to remove.

  1. Do not forget to clean the blower

Switch off the system’s power, and take off the panels installed on the filter furnace’s front. Then grab your vacuum cleaner and suck the gathered dust inside the blower, and then clean the furnace fan.

4.    Access the deep insides of the ductwork

Usually, systems have a standard and basic ductwork in rectangle shape. Figure out where the removable ends are located and remove those immediately. Then get into the duct and use your brush and the vacuum to clean the dirt from inside. If you don’t do this, then the dirt gathered deep inside will keep flying around

5.    Make sure you seek professional help if necessary

If you or someone in your family has breathing problems or any dust allergies, and there are renovations going on in your home then it is safe to hire a professional for the cleaning job rather than cleaning the ducts on your own.

Professionals know how to safely clean the ducts without dispersing the dust particles in the air making sure no harm comes to anyone with an allergy problem.

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