How to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight Standing at Work

Lose Weight Standing at Work

How to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight Standing at Work

Countless studies have confirmed that negative impact on our health and the body of a sedentary lifestyle. Considering that we spend a major part of the day at work, the sedentary part is larger at the office than at home. So, experts are pointing out with studies that standing at work can be the effective way to reduce weight and keep weight under check.

Sedentary lifestyle reduces blood circulation and leads to accumulation of fat around vital male organs. Its adverse impact can be gauged from the fact that if we count 8 hours of sleep as sedentary activity, then we spend a major portion of the day in inactive sedentary position. That is the reason why people are facing heart and lifestyle diseases in their 30s. Since it is impossible to take time out from a busy schedule for physical activities, experts came up with the concept of losing weight while standing at work. Let us study how it helps is weight management.

Standing at work burns calories

The importance of losing weight at work is highlighted by the fact that a busy schedule prevents time for gym or physical exercises. That is why the simple method to get the benefit by standing at work is explored. Leading cardiologists have confirmed that standing burns more calories than sitting. The study was done on a group of overweight males and observing their calorie burn out when they were only standing at the workplace.

The study result was that standing per minute burns more calories in comparison with sitting situations. They calculated that if a male stands at least 6 hours every day out of 8 hours at work, the total calorie loss will be around 54 in a week. With regular standing hours at work, the cumulative positive impact will be visible in weight loss of the person. Even males and females who stand for a few hours every day are better in overall health parameters than their counterparts who spend entire days sitting.

Standing has positive impact on health

Standing is one of the lower impact activities that have a greater positive impact on health over time.  Just standing increases metabolism and muscle activities. A person in standing position has better blood circulation throughout the body compared to a sitting counterpart.  Poor blood circulation also causes erectile dysfunction in males. It was seen by doctors that some males who were on Sildenafil citrate 150 mg , a higher dose prescribed for severe erection cases, had poor blood circulation in the pelvic area.

The fresh oxygen rich blood movement in the body infuses energy and prompts alertness. It also ensures improved blood supply to the brain for better concentration and focus. It has been observed that the heart of a person in standing position works efficiently. The increased heart rate also burns more calories. Standing improves your pose and core strength. It helps you to digest meals and improve circulation of oxygen with blood to vital organs of the body.

Small steps that encourage you to stand at work

Keep a desk that is up to a height that allows you to work comfortably. The position of the table also impacts whether it will be used or not. The healthcare workers observed that tables that are placed close to windows or in open space are more used than tables that are placed in corners.

Standing tables should be big enough to allow standing meetings. It was observed by teams working on the concept that large standing tables close to windows offers the best incentive for a standing meeting.

Standing tables close to cafeteria areas are also frequented by the staff. The same table is used for both work and having a cup of coffee. The team of healthcare experts found that removing sitting tables in the cafeteria is the best way to inculcate the habit of standing at work.


Enjoy standing at work for greater health benefits. Create situations where you will be compelled to stand. Initially, it will be a bit difficult for you, but gradually you will see the results and get hooked to standing at work. The result will be in form improved efficiency, focus and less fatigue syndromes at the end of the working day.




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