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Windows 11 review An unneeded substitute for Windows 10

Windows 11 review

Windows 11 review: An unneeded substitute for Windows 10

Microsoft’s claims regarding Windows 11 laptops resuming more quickly after waking from sleep seem to be true, however. Ideally, we’d be able to have two identical laptops with Windows 10 and Windows 11 to evaluate. However, placing Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface Laptops and Surface Books in sleep mode, restarting after which we compared the two machines shows a significant distinction of one couple of seconds.

This is a vast improvement from the old times when restarting or resuming your PC required you to grab a coffee and wait for a while, but there’s definitely a significant improvement in this area. (Windows 11 review)


Sleeping Edge tabs make a significant difference as well. As you’ve probably guessed, several browsers save the tabs in a row while closing them, such as Microsoft Edge.

The majority of tabs were open in the “sleeping” state, not using resources. These 34 tabs took 1.47GB of memory to run. After pressing each tab to switch them to their inactive state, they took 4.07GB before eventually settling to 3.6GB. Whatever the case, Edge’s sleeping tabs saved my system quite a lot of RAM. (Windows 11 review)

Windows 11 Edge sleeping tabs

Most of the time, Edge will dim “sleeping” tabs to signal that they’re not being utilized. However, you can check yourself by hovering your mouse over the tabs.


Windows 11 also includes certain enhancements that aren’t available in an application but will help improve Windows 11 overall. This includes both general performance enhancements and new features such as DirectStorage, Dynamic Refresh Rate, and AutoHDR.


As we mentioned earlier in the time last year DirectStorage (and the RTX IO from NVIDIA) the IO) allows NVMe SSDs to send data directly to the lightning-fast dedicated VRAM of your graphics card, avoiding the traditional route through the CPU as well as general memory of your system.

Microsoft has already deployed DirectStorage in the Xbox Series X, and it’s quite efficient: Microsoft calls this Quick Resume, and switching to the Quick Resume game means switching to the game without any introductory screens menus, menus, or whatever.

Implementing this feature on your PC in some manner is a huge advantage to PC gaming, particularly in the event that we get something like Quick Resume. We aren’t sure if we’ll be able to receive it in the near future, or even when. Check out the firewall switch from Cisco. Get Cisco VPN switch at a reasonable price in Nigeria, from genuine and authorized sites.


DirectStorage Support for DirectStorage will be included within Windows 11 at launch, Microsoft has informed us. (Games that use DirectStorage will work on Windows 10 version 1909 or later, as well.) Game developers will require support for DirectStorage by implementing the DirectStorage SDK, Microsoft added but to date, Microsoft hasn’t announced any Windows 11 PC games that have done this. Microsoft has also stated it is likely that DirectStorage is going to require a massive NVMe SSD to be able to use DirectStorage and you’ll need to have one in addition to Windows 11.

Windows 11’s To-do list

Microsoft has left one feature of Windows 11’s first release: Android apps. We’re aware that in the future, Android apps are expected to be included in Windows 11, probably looking similar to the Linux applications running on Windows Subsystem for Linux. Windows Subsystem for Linux and the Android apps available in the Your Phone Companion app.

It’s not yet clear how deep they’ll integrate into your computer. What happens if Android apps are able to access the camera,? Are they going to go full-screen? Based on the information Microsoft stated in August, we don’t think that we’ll get Android apps on Windows 11 before 2022.


Intel may, in a strange way, be the cause of the slowdown, given that the company’s Intel Bridge Technology appears to be the basis for Android applications. Intel has also informed it they believe that Windows 11 will be the operating system that is the most compatible with its forthcoming Alder Lake mixed processor through its Windows 11 Thread Director thread scheduler, which is the best way to optimize that processor’s performance.

Windows 11 Bug blank widgets

A blank Widgets display is one of the problems that we discovered while reviewing Windows 11. Microsoft has a few bugs and other issues that need to be fixed as well. With only a week to be until Windows 11’s scheduled to launch on October 5 date Some of the issues we encountered included an app that was blank as well as a Widgets app.

That did not support changes in resolution on the display it was displayed on and a black screen within Windows 11’s Windows 11 Settings menu where the theme was supposed to be displayed in an Edge window that grew to encompass the Taskbar and many other issues.


In essence, Microsoft places the most confusing features that are a part of Windows 11 front and center;  This makes Windows 11 at a marked disadvantage from the beginning.

Of the features we think are what makes Windows 11 worthwhile, such as Android applications, Direct Storage, and Auto HDR. However, many of them are only available to specific hardware or aren’t even available.


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