6 Reasons for Choosing Side Lock Six Corner Boxes

Choosing Side Lock Six Corner Boxes

6 Reasons for Choosing Side Lock Six Corner Boxes


Packaging of retail products is one of the most important concerns of the sellers. For this, a variety of packaging materials are currently used in the market. Sidelock six corner box is one of the most favorite packaging materials used for retail products. This is one of the most secure ways to package the items. These boxes have six interlocking flaps that provide ultimate protection without using glue. To make these boxes corrugated or cardboard materials are cut, shaped, and then joined. Using these six locks six corner boxes can make your products look more appealing by adding die-cut windows or customization. Overall, these boxes provide ultimate product protection for your products.

Benefits of using side lox six corner boxes 

These uniquely designed boxes enhance the appearance as well as the functionality of packaging materials. Using these boxes can make your brand stand out from the market. Some of the benefits of using these boxes are:

1- Functionality

Product packaging is important from an appearance as well as from a functional aspect. These special boxes are popular due to their enhanced functionality. They provide the best protection due to interlocking flaps. Without using glue or any adhesive materials, using these boxes enhance the strength of packaging materials. Thus, consumers and product manufacturers prefer these boxes due to their enhanced functionality.

2- Promotion

The manufacturing materials that are used to make these boxes are usually cardboard or corrugated material. These boxes encompass high-quality printing over them. Thus, using these boxes can promote any brand or product easily. Brand promotion is essential for marketing.
The print-friendly manufacturing material allows the businesses to print the product or their own information to highlight their presence in the market. Therefore, these side lock six corner boxes are the preferred choices as the packaging material.

3- Easy assemblage

One of the most important considerations of product manufacturers is the reduced packaging cost. The packaging cost depends on numerous factors. One of such factors is the packaging assemblage time that can significantly affect the packaging cost. And due to this reason, product manufacturers prefer packaging materials that require less assemblage time. For people looking for such an easy assemblage option, these boxes can be a life savior. These boxes are quite easy to assemble and don’t require too many resources for packaging. Therefore, they are the best choice as the packaging material due to their ease of packaging.

4- Aesthetic value

Packaging material is supposed to be appealing to increase the product’s sales. Because packaging is the first thing that the customers encounter while buying a product. The packaging manufacturer keeps in mind that a customer usually takes a few seconds to decide the product they need. Therefore, product packaging should be aesthetically appealing to grab the consumer’s attention. Fortunately, these boxes are aesthetically appealing and few things can be done to enhance their appearance. For instance, the addition of die-cut windows is the one thing that can enhance the visual appearance of the product inside. Besides this, using custom themes, colors and designs can also contribute to the aesthetic value of product packaging.

5- Recyclable

Good packaging material is the one that has less harmful effects on the products as well as on the environment. This perception is developing among the masses and increasing the demand for eco-friendly packaging material from the consumer’s side. Thus, during this time of increasing competition, eco-friendly packaging materials are one of the most powerful weapons of the packaging manufacturer. These boxes are also made from a material that is recyclable and biodegradable. This is advantageous for the product as well as the packaging manufacturers.

6- Affordability

One fundamental requirement of the packaging material is its availability as well as affordability. The use of cardboard material to manufacture these boxes is what makes these boxes affordable. Their affordability as well as their availability is one key feature that automatically enhances their value as the packaging material.


Using side lock six corner boxes is advantageous for various reasons. These boxes are used to package a variety of products. However, if you are looking for the finest quality packaging material with optimum customization, you can surely rely on the RSF Packaging-side lock corner. The company provides high-quality packaging material that helps you increase your brand sales and help you to grasp the customer’s attention.


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