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How Android tracking apps beneficial for employers?

Android Tracking Apps

Do you know a business community is in a desperate search to get their hands on the android tracking apps? Do you know why they are trying their best to monitor their employees during working hours?

Well!  We should know that the internet of things is not secure, and business professionals have to face plenty of issues, like productivity, data breaching, time-wasting, and unethical workplace culture. To coping with all the troubles at the workplace, android monitoring apps could be the best solution. To know about the importance of tracking tools for business perspective you need to know about the following.

How Android tracking apps beneficial for employers?

Digital devices at the workplace are on the rise, and no one can bring productivity to the table without business-owned devices. Employees are used to completing business tasks using business phones and tablets running with the android operating systems. Rouge employees can breach confidential information from business devices, and lazy employees can decrease productivity. Seemingly all of the issues are ordinary for a layman, but for a business person, it is brutal for their business. Tracking apps for android devices have got importance. You have to install them on your business devices for sure.

Reasons: Why Employers need to use tracking apps for android?

There is a number of issues every small business is facing and the following are the most common issues that every employer needs to know.

  • More than 43% of the small businesses are facing online attacks on business devices
  • Small businesses loss more than 3.9 million due to data breaching
  • More than 90% of small businesses face data breaches due to employees at workplace
  • 31% of the employees waste more than three hours a day during working hours
  • 90% of employees admits that somehow they waste time at workplace
  • 11% of employees try to get unauthorized access on business owned phones and tablets

The under discussion stats show that business owners should employ tracking apps for android to get rid of productivity, data breaching, time-wasting, and cyber-attacks.

How should employers opt for Android monitoring apps?

Tracking applications for cellphones and tablets have become the talk of the business town. Therefore, opt for the applications that empower you to improve business productivity and safety. Following are the features that android spying apps should have to fulfill the employer’s requirements to the fullest.

Live screen recording

Android surveillance apps needs to have a feature, like screen recorder. It works secretly on business phones and can record live screen videos. Users can send the data to the secure web control panel. Employers can keep an eye on unauthorized activities of employees in real-time.


Users can capture screenshots remotely on business device screen remotely. It keeps employers up to date about employees to the fullest. Employers can watch what employees are doing on android devices owned by the company.

Read messages

Employers can read text messages and chat conversations on business android phones between the employees to prevent the leakage of confidential information. Employers can block text conversations and message communication during working hours to the fullest.

GPS location

Users can track GPS location of employees that pretends to be present at workplace using android GPS tracker. It empowers employers to track location history and route maps of the employees remotely virtually on the map.

Social media tracking

Social media monitoring has become necessary, because employees used to communicate people in business devices to share data, and for time wasting activity. Employers can track social messaging apps chat, media, voice call and many more.

Live360 streaming

Employers can connect the business device cameras with cell phone tracker app online dashboard and start live streaming of the surrounds. Employers can watch employees are up to during the working hours.

Email spying

Users can monitor and track emails on the target devices using email tracking software. It enable employers what sort of emails employees are sending and receiving on business devices secretly.


Android tracking apps are capable of tracking every activity of employees during working hours on business devices. Employers can make employees productive and get rid of data breaching activities to the fullest.



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