How Connecting with Nature can Help You Connect with Yourself

We all are unknowingly connected with nature since childhood. Rolling in the grass, playing with the sand, and running around in the playground used to give us immense joy. Our closeness with nature made us curious and filled us with overwhelming happiness. It helped us connect with spiritual things.

But while growing up those things got replaced with video games and other gadgets. And we somehow lost connection with nature. With the passing of time, we get so indulged in our studies, friends, college, and jobs that we forget the place where we actually belong; nature. The busy routine and the materialistic things took nature away from us.

Well, this is a common story in today’s world. We have so many things to do that we hardly get any time to connect with nature or with ourselves. Whenever we get any spare time, there are a million tasks piled on that consume all our time.

But we are forgetting how important it is to connect with nature. The purity in the beauty of nature gives us mental peace and strength to deal with life.

Ways nature connects us with ourselves

Transformation of the mindset

Firstly, we must understand that we are not separate from nature. Our existence belongs to nature and we are an inseparable part of it. We are made of the same elements that are responsible for the existence of the whole universe; energy and minerals.

If we meditate daily, we can find the connection of our body with the universe. Slowly, we get to realize that our body goes the same way this planet goes and we remain in tune with it. The people who spend more time doing mindfulness meditation can find the connection of their inner selves with nature on a very deeper level.

When you try to connect with nature, you can get the signs that nature gives you and learn the things that she is trying to teach you.

Feel the senses

This is the part that we often forget to do in this fast-running world. You must slow down and feel the things around you at the very moment. Feel the nature around you and try to connect with it by smelling the flowers, touching the dew drops on the grass, feeling the air, and walking barefoot on the grass.

It will not only help you connect with nature but also relax your mind and body. The more we try to get closer to nature, the more will we learn about what our body is trying to tell us. The best way is to write down everything you felt when you were close to nature and then read it at times to feel that connection again and acknowledge what it had taught.

Explore new places

The connection is better with yourself when you go to some new place and explore new things. You can connect with nature deeply when you are looking at the beauty of the place for the first time. However, visiting the same place is not that bad but you get a fresh perspective when you go somewhere new.

In a new place, you get the chance to study new things; the trees and plants, and everything else making it special. Try to gather information about the place and the special minerals it is made up of. Make it adventurous by climbing the mountains or making it peaceful by practicing yoga in a park or going for a run or walking on the beach. It will make you feel empowered and also boost your self-confidence.

Spend some alone time

Visiting places with good company is great. But social interactions limit us somehow. When we are with someone, we try to mold ourselves according to them and behave as per they want us to behave. In this whole thing, it is not possible to connect with yourself and find inner peace.

You can connect with nature in a better way when you are alone. Peace is found when there is no distraction around us. So, you must try spending some time alone when you are close to nature. It will be the most memorable thing of your whole trip. Also, avoid your phone during that alone time.

Learn the life lessons

By connecting with nature, you can identify what nature is trying to teach you and learn the major lessons of life. As a child, we learn a lot of things from nature but those things get lost in the process of getting older.

Try relearning those things, for instance, being kind and humble, or having patience. Keep your goal in mind when you go someplace and say it out loud. Keep the things you have learned from nature always in your mind, it will help you stay connected with nature and yourself.

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