How To Use A Taser For Self Defense?

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How To Use A Taser For Self Defense?

When you are in need of a good tool, you learn how to use it well. If the case in point is utilizing a self-defense weapon, you should train for it with even more vigor. We don’t know how important it can be to have command over weapons until we truly need them. Tasers are one such tool that needs little know-how and basic presence of mind to operate. They are electroshock weapons that you can easily master to help you in your time of need. So let’s take a jump-start on the crash course and reveal some basic facts and tips you should know. If you want to learn how to use a taser, you can count on these simple pointers. 

It is quite easy to find a good taser for sale, especially in the United States. They are not just staple weapons for police officers, they’re all very popular among civilians. So when you want to learn how to use one, you can get a taser at certified weapon dealerships. The second step is learning how to use them so let’s get into some of the details to keep in mind.

Basic Steps to Using A Taser Stun Gun 

  1. There are two types of taser guns; the stun gun which is for close-range, body-contact use. The second one is a traditional taser, which is a projectile weapon that shoots wires to electrocute someone. You can train for both depending on which you’re comfortable with.
    A) With a body-contact stun gun you will need to be very close to your assailant.
    B) For a taser, you can attack them from a distance and not engage in any physical confrontation.
  2. When you buy a stun gun, learn to hold it in your dominant hand when operating. They can be a little strenuous at first so practice holding them firmly. 
  3. You should take care to never put your face close to the shooting ends. If you mistakenly press the button, you could electrocute yourself. 
  4. All taser stun guns are easily operated with a switch so you don’t need technical skill to use it. You just need to remind yourself and practice to always shoot it away from your face and body. 
  5. When you start training, don’t try them on other people, even as a joke. It’s best to use a dummy or try a soft pillow for your initial training.

The Types of Stun Guns You Can Get 

The difference between a taser and a stun gun has been roughly sketched out above. But even within the category of these two devices, there are some sub-features you can get. 

Shooting Stun Gun

This is more like the taser that is fast-acting and doesn’t require getting close to the attacker. You can press a button and thin wires with pins would shoot out and stick into the other person’s skin. These stun guns usually have a handle and are made to fit into the hand like a water gun. 

Flashlight With Stun Gun 

There are many innovative designs in stun guns created for convenience and discretion. The flashlight stun gun is shaped like an ordinary flashlight but it comes with a body-contact stun switch. If you get in trouble, you can stick this gun into the attacker’s body to shock them. The upside to this one is that it has a built-in LED to use at night when you’re walking alone.

Other nifty little devices also include stun guns shaped like ordinary objects like lipsticks and cell phones. You can also find jogger sting rings and keychain tasers that are small enough to fit on your finger. You can keep this close when you are out and about and protect yourself if the need arises.

The Best Stun Guns In The Market Right Now 

There is no denying the incredible advantages of owning and using a self defense stun gun. It is small and easy to handle and carry wherever you go. You can sneak it into public places without being caught or confiscated. If you feel unsafe in any environment, a stun gun would require little technical knowledge to use. So now that you’re convinced that there are multiple reasons to use them, where to get the best stun guns?

You can search in your local market and pin down some stores that sell authentic taser guns. But if you want a larger collection and more options for clever stun gun designs, online stores are ideal. The more innovative devices are readily available online where you can compare products. Some of the best products available right now are as follows.

The Guard Dog 25 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun is for heavy-duty police work. This is the most impressive and powerful stun gun you will find anywhere online. It has 25-million volt power and a long battery life. This one is advised to be used with caution, and perhaps a little prior practice.

If you need a reliable self-defense weapon, get the IVY Rechargeable 200 Lumen Flashlight/Stun Gun. It has a rubberized grip so you don’t lose your hold over it when you need to use it in a panic. It will also prevent someone from snatching the device away from you. 

The most discreet and effective device you can get for yourself is the High Voltage Discreet Cell Phone Stun Gun. It looks like a regular smartphone and is quite indistinguishable from the real thing. If someone attempts to rob you, you can just press the button on it and electrocute them. This cell phone stun gun is also perfect for social events and workplaces where you need to be discreet.

For the most extensive and impressive collection of stun guns, try PA Knives. They are reputable online dealers that sell stun guns wholesale. That means that any kind of stun gun you can find in your local market will be half price in their online store. You can save your time and money by browsing through the PA Knives collection. You are guaranteed to find the best self-defense stun guns at a price that agrees with you.

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