How to Use Air Purifiers for Effortless Sleep: A Complete Guide

Air Purifiers for Effortless Sleep

How to Use Air Purifiers for Effortless Sleep: A Complete Guide

How Indoor Pollutants Affect Health?

Pollutants in our homes lead to indoor air pollution, which affects the quality of the air surrounding us. It is difficult to define air quality precisely. But in simple terms, it refers to the quality of air that is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of how clean and tidy your home is, the air quality will either make it welcoming or rather uncomfortable. It contains bacteria, pollutants, and viruses that are invisible to the naked eye but have a negative impact on our health.

Sometimes indoor pollutants can cause illnesses to spread, some cause respiratory problems, while others may trigger allergies. It is possible to avoid seasonal allergies such as those caused by pollen by staying indoors. But allergies triggered within a house need to be addressed. Symptoms of an allergy include a sore throat, red eyes, and cough. As such, it is imperative to improve indoor air quality.

Do You Know What Causes Indoor Pollution?

Air pollution refers to contaminants present in the air we breathe inside our homes. So where does it come from? Dust particles are one possible source. It’s not about removing the debris or only washing it. It’s about recognizing the particles which are as common as an exhaust.  You have to regularly remove and clean the filters as a result of the fans, ducts, and vacuum you’re using to clean the surfaces. Also, central heating and air conditioning contribute to indoor pollution. Your humidifier may be good for your skin, but not for your lungs. If you use air fresheners to have a nice smell around the house. They might contain additives that also contribute to poor air quality.

Do Mold and Allergens Reduce Bedtime Sleep Quality?

The research indicates that good eight-hour sleep is essential for the human body to function at its best. Sleep must be restful and peaceful. We often compromise on how much sleep we get due to our hectic schedules. But the sleep we do get should not be further disturbed by allergens or mold in the bedroom space.

Air circulation is the process of bringing fresh air into the room. We doze off sooner than we think when we’re surrounded by fresh air and a light breeze. But without it, levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants could rise. In turn, this would negatively affect our cognitive abilities. Sleep directly impacts many aspects of health, and anything that hinders it directly affects the human body.

With allergens and mold growing around the walls, there is a strong chance. You will be experiencing repeated infections and fevers. Mold-based allergies or reactions are often fatal if not treated within a reasonable time frame. You don’t always find the time to clean your room and the walls around it deeply in some houses because of inadequate ventilation methods.

Instead, consider investing in air purifiers to improve your sleep. Using the latest and most innovative technology, air purifiers clean the air around us and circulate it so we can breathe clean and healthy air. We now have a variety of shapes and sizes and. They are designed to cope with our ever-increasing exposure to global pollution. Today, our indoor spaces are no longer safe and our outdoor excursions can no longer be contained. Let’s examine how an air purifier improves sleep and why you should buy one.

How Air Purifiers Can Help You to Increase Indoor Air Quality?

With the help of filters, air purifiers eliminate the pollutants that exist in the air around us. The ventilation system draws air in, it is passed through filters and all visible and invisible particles are removed. We are left with clean, healthy air to breathe. With a portable air purifier, you can keep the levels of toxins in the air around you low in a room with ample ventilation, so you don’t have to open your windows. By cleaning the air particles that stay suspended or settle on the carpet, it will also help other devices, such as your furnace filter and vacuum.

What Type of Air Purifiers Work in Your Bedroom Efficiently (OH vs HEPA)?

Now, let’s talk about the types of air purifiers you might have to choose from. There might be a portable air purifier or a wall-mounted air purifier available for you. Air purifiers come in different sizes and the coverage area will differ based on the size of the room and accordingly the size of the required air purifier. It is equally important to consider the technology available for air purifiers. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) and OH (Hydroxyl) filters are both available. With 99.9% efficiency and the ability to remove particles larger than 300 nanometers. HEPA air purifiers have become a popular choice among air purifier users. HEPA air purifiers use effective cleaning measures to remove everyday pollutants from the air.

However, with the passing of time, it has proved to have some limitations or, as one can say. Technological innovation has allowed the discovery of much smaller particles that are able to penetrate through typical HEPA filters. Such as those measuring 125 nm and approximately the size of Novel Coronavirus.

Due to this issue, new technology was developed called hydroxyl (OH) radicals. That was inspired by the natural ozone layer that destroys impurities through radicals. Also, OH-based filters are able to clean particles that are not visible to the naked eye as well as destroy microorganisms that cause viral infections. If you’re wondering how OH technology works, you need to know that Hydroxyl radicals are oxidizing agents that remove contaminants from the air, thus naturally cleansing the air. It decomposes proteins, lipids and other virus cells that affect our health negatively. The devices are safe to use around humans and are effective in eliminating pathogens in real-time.

Wrapping Up

Human beings require sound sleep as a basic requirement. Numerous factors are involved in preventing restful sleep. Sleeping people are sensitive to several factors, including the quality of the air around them. To mitigate the high levels of toxins in the air around us, ventilation is often recommended. Frequently, we are unable to open windows or doors in our homes.

We still have to deal with indoor pollution. We can easily have healthy and clean air around us with the aid of air purifiers. Air purifiers contribute very little to digital pollution yet are lightweight and, if portable, can be moved around as required. Healthy sleep is an investment that we must make to improve our health.


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