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Best 5 Mangastream alternatives to read manga

Best 5 Mangastream alternatives to read manga

Manga is a type of Japanese comics and it is mostly black and white but special editions are printed in colours. A lot of users outside Japan read the Manga as regularly to keep up with the Manga trend. And that led to the inception of Mangastream website which hosted all the popular comic books content. It used to collect and distribute the Manga comics stories without any license. So, essentially it was an illegal operation that violated multiple counts of the copyright laws.

When they started getting enough traction, Japanese authorities reached out to other governments and shut down the Mangastream operations. Once, the Mangastream was shut down, many users were left wanting for more content on their laptop or computer screens. But, Mangastream is gone forever and never coming back again. So, what to do about it and how to address this.

Well, if you are unable to read one piece Mangastream comics, then you should look for alternatives. There are many alternatives to Mangastream you should look at.

And that is what we are going to talk about in this brief article, let’s get started.

Top Alternatives to Mangastream

Let’s look at the top alternatives to the Mangastream comic website users were crazy about.


It is a standalone reading and community platform for manga comics from Japan. Well, they have structured their website in such a way that you cannot download the files from their website, but read it online without any hassle. And since it is a community-based website, you can easily chat with other readers about the comic endings and more.

It is a free website but readers are encouraged to donate through bitcoin to keep it afloat.


It is a free distributor of Manga which has a pretty fast website that loads up in seconds. They don’t have any hidden charges and the layout is extremely simple to navigate even for a noob. You can view the homepage of the website and look at the latest episodes you want to view from top comics releasing currently.


If you are looking for a like-for-like replacement for Mangastream, then MangaTown is the perfect one. It has the collection equivalent to the Manga stream and also includes some rare collections of Webtoons and Reverse Harem.

You will find all the comic series on this website, read them comfortably without any hassle. You don’t need to pay anything to watch or read the manga on MangaTown.


If you are short on bytes, then MangaFox is the best website for you. It allows users with low bandwidth to connect to their servers and read the content. It also has the same collection as most of the other websites here in the list have. And most importantly, you don’t need to pay anything to watch or read the comic book series from Japan.


It is sort of an official website that distributes comics outside Japan and also has their official English translations. You can find that information on the About page of the website. And it will ask you to select your region, Japan or the US before you start viewing the comic pages. But, since it is a legal website, you won’t be able to find all the Mangas that might interest you.

One of the most underwhelming websites is MangaGo, which provides almost all the comic series available. It is a user-friendly website which allows you to enter a reading mode without any distractions or advertisements.

So, these are the alternatives that you should be looking at for all your Manga Needs.

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