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How to Turn off Voice on Roku

How to Turn off Voice on Roku

There is an audio guide attribute in both TCL Roku TVs and Roku players. Once you repeatedly tap the start knob on your remote, the voice engine narrates the available menu options loudly, which can be very annoying. For that case, you may want to turn it off. So this is your ultimate guide to doing so.

Turning off Voice on Roku by Pressing the Star Button

When you click the start button on your remote four times, it narrates the menu options and additional on-screen options of your TCL Roku TV or Roku player loudly as long as it is enabled. While it is telling those options, you only need to click the OK knob to select the option you want. Moreover, while its doings its big job, irrespective of whether you wanted it to or not, you can turn it off by clicking the star button four times. This action may not immediately turn off your Roku, but eventually, it will.

Turn off the Audio engine from the Menu.

Using the Settings menu, you can also turn off the voice in your Roku. If you have a TCL Tv with inbuilt Roku software, the settings menu is the same.

  1. On your Roku remote, find the Home knob and press it.
  2. The above procedure will open a listing on the left side of the screen.
  3. On the Settings menu choose Accessibility to open its menu
  4. Now you can see the Accessibility page. Find the Audio Guide alternative option and click on it.
  5. Set the Audio Guide off to stop it from narrating menu options loudly whenever you press the star knob four times.

Pressing the star knob four times and using the menu option to turn off the Audio Guide works the same way.

Shortcut Disabling

You can use the Accessibility Screen under Settings to disable the shortcut. Simply choose the Shortcut option and choose the Disabled alternative. Your player or TV will not automatically engage the Audio engine after clicking the star knob four times after this, but you can always use the Settings to turn it off.

From the Shortcut menu under Accessibility Menu, you can alter other options of the Audio Guide, such as volume and speech rate. If you want the narration to take place faster or slower, you can do that by setting the speech rate to ‘very fast,’ ‘fast,’ and ‘slow.’

The volume option, on the other hand, changes the audio guide’s volume, which is by default set to ‘Medium.’ You can increase it or reduce it.


If you have a TCL Roku TV or a Roku player, its remote narrates menu options loudly when you press the start button four times repeatedly. This sound may become annoying, especially when you did not intend to press that start button.

However, it is possible to turn off the voice via the Menu, Shortcut, or by pressing the start button four times when the guide narrates the menu options. This will solve your problem.

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