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How to write a CV and what is its main purpose?

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How to write a CV and what is its main purpose?

For some, the CV is a document that allows them to get a job and to show that they have the right profile. For others, it is a simple administrative document that must be communicated to the recruiter without really knowing what it is for. Some would also say that a CV is of no use whatsoever, but that it is an imposed figure that cannot be avoided.

But they are all ultimately far from the answer. Indeed, the CV has only one goal: to obtain a job interview! Of course, we insist on “one goal” because a CV is no use other than that. Writing a curriculum vitae only allows you to get an appointment with a recruiter, a business manager, etc.

A CV to Get a Job Interview

Now that you know the right answer to the question asked at the top, you are going to build your CV with the idea of ​​getting an interview. You understand that aiming for a meeting is not the same as showing that you have all the skills required for the job.

There is therefore absolutely no point in making a 2-page CV in which you list all of your experiences, your missions, your training, your hobbies, your skills, etc. Keep in monde that most recruiters receive several dozen CVs every month. On average, they spend a few seconds on each of them. They have to quickly identify essential information.

Therefore, there is a type of CV that allows you to reach that famous goal of getting an interview: the one that makes the recruiter want to know more, the one that tickles their curiosity. It is clear that at the end of the day, they will only remember the curriculum that appealed to them during the screening work. That is the document that made them ask questions, more than the one that is complete, almost too smooth! It may sound paradoxical, but it is the reality.

With these revelations, you know what you have to do: download a cv that meets those simple requirements in order to make the recruiter want to know more about you. For this purpose, there are codes to respect.

Recruiters Spend an Average of 6 Seconds to Make a Decision

According to a study made by experts, recruiters tend to look at the same information on CVs, whether they are online or in print, as if they were following a visual frame. We learn that, during those 6 seconds, recruiters are almost exclusively interested in the following 6 points:

  • The applicant’s name
  • The job title and name of the current employer
  • The job title and name of the previous employer
  • The start and end dates of the previous position
  • The start date of the current position
  • Training

To attain those results, the people who carried out the survey used the technique of “eye tracking” which makes it possible to see where the eyes of recruiters have been resting the longest. It shows that the recruiters have mainly laid their eyes on the last professional experience and on the last diploma.

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