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Web Design Or Web Development, What is the difference?

Web Design Or Web Development

Web Design Or Web Development, What is the difference?


Web design and web development are both parts of a similar digital family. A web developer and web designer are playing an important role in maximizing user experience. Earlier, both the features were mixed up as one. However, after a while, it has been understood that web design involves designing the website and web development includes coding of the website. This is not the only thing that involves both of these website features.

In brief, we can say that web developers build the website from its core. In contrast, web designers make it more aesthetically attractive and creative. Both features achieve a single goal for the brand, i.e., business growth. However, the digital marketing strategy not only includes content marketing and SEO for the website. The business growth objective to achieve higher sale become effective when the website is creatively designed and developed.

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web Design

A web designer always focuses on the overall style and feel of the website. A web design is all about visual aesthetics and usability, including the website’s layout, color schemes, custom logo design, fonts, shapes, content, navigation, animations, information flow, and everything related to maximizing the user experience.

A designer uses few design principles to create a unique copy of the website. For instance,

  • Balance: Using the correct proportion of the color schemes on the website is important in keeping the layout balanced.
  • Contrast: A designer chooses contrasting elements to draw the readers’ attention using a different combination of colors.
  • Emphasis: In this principle, the designer deliberately highlights stuff on the website, and the contrast principle helps the reader focus on something important on the website. It is important to highlight certain important things. However, too much emphasis leads to emphases nothing on the website.
  • Consistency: the rhythmic layout on each page of the website shows the consistency of the overall website.
  • Unity: Basically, a designer makes sure that every part of the website layout is aligned with the composition as a whole. In this way, a visitor self-learned the site tracking and navigation and organize information accordingly.

Web Development:

A web developer turns the web design into a live website. However, using different language to back end, front end, and full-stack coding is used to develop its plan. A developer makes the website functional as well as operational.

The back-end development is aligned with the web design via coding. The front-end development builds with the interface and develops a layout linked with the back-end of the website. As a result, these development categories, the website interacts functionally with the visitors. Whereas full-stack development involves the integration of back-end and front-end with web design. Furthermore, there are various web development categories, for instance,

  • Front end Development
  • Back end Development
  • Website Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Full-stack Development
  • Embedded Development 

Moreover, the front-end developer uses different languages to code the website interface. Such as,

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • CSS preprocessors (i.e., LESS or Sass)
  • Frameworks (i.e., AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember)
  • Libraries (i.e., jQuery)
  • Git and GitHub


Out of these languages, HTML, CSS & JavaScript are widely used by the developer to create a full-fledged website. As a result, from inserting images, using different typography, animations, information flow to forms interfaces, these languages are used to develop a website.

Whereas Back-end development involves server data and requests control languages. In addition to that, back-end developers use PHP or ASP.NET as server languages, and SQL or MySQL for database queries processes.

Whom To Choose Or Which Service?

Many business owners are in deep confusion about hiring a web designer or web developer for a particular project. It is crucial to identify the difference between the significance of both website features. It saves a lot of time and money for a brand in choosing the right person for the right project. Before hiring a web developer or a designer, the significance of the project should be identified. Whether it is web development or a design project, both are expensive for a brand to hire. For a quick guide, we have shown some of the examples for your clarity.

Project Who do you need?
Design a new homepage layout Web Designer
Build a new contact form Web Developer
Create a mobile app Web Developer
Conceptualize new website branding Web Designer
Fix server/hosting issues Web Developer
Edit photos and videos Web Designer


Wrapping Up:

Many businesses are attempting creative ways to explore their digital presence. For such reasons, they are improving their content marketing strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. However, the digital era is becoming more competitive day by day. Brands are trying their best to reach potential customers and market, locally as well as globally. As a result, their efforts in building digital marketing platforms becomes the primary objective. Try not to fall for some immature who would waste your time and money. At the same time, your competitor captures your customers. There are experts in this field, like DesignHours, who can deliver you the right service in affordable packages, including web development and web design projects.


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