How to make a lucrative Fiverr gig image?

Fiverr gig image

How to make a lucrative Fiverr gig image

Everything is included in online activities at present, that’s why the number of online service providers is also increasing severely. In a world full of online services, it is not necessary to introduce fiber separately.

Because we all may have heard its name once or multiple times in our daily lives. Fiver is one of the most popular online marketplaces to find all types of online services. you can say a fiver is a place where people can earn money by offering services, they have expertise.

Whether you have knowledge about Fiver or you are here only for interest, you should know that publishing Fiverr gigs is the only way to get caught in the client’s eye who is already there looking for the service you provide.

When a potential client hires a customer on Fiverr, they first take a look at the provider’s gig and profile. If they find that helpful and can sense they could go with the person, then the client decides to hire the person.

This is why publishing a Fiverr gig with a professional image look is very important in this journey. In this article, we will talk about how to manage a lucrative Fiverr gig image that will help you manage orders.

Five tips to create a Fiverr gig image

People love to take professional services through which they can rely on worriedly. So, your first job on Fiverr is, getting a professional gig that would describe yourself perfectly. what services would you provide? Are you expert enough in the area?

If you are confident enough about your skills, then you should focus on your gig. To create a lucrative and effective Fiverr gig image, you have to consider some main points. They are,

Image size

Image size is crucial everywhere you are going to use images. Most of the popular marketing sectors have been the usage of the image, you may find a specific recommendation for that. fiver also suggests an image minimum size of 550 pixels by 370 pixels.

That means the image you are going to use on your Fiverr gig, should be 550 in width and 370 in height. Don’t go for too large or too small image size as that won’t be accepted by the authorities. Try to keep it up in the right size format.

Text and typography

Text is a powerful element of the Fiverr gig. So, you have to utilize it perfectly. The text you have included on the gig should be relevant, raising, and clear about what you want to tell to the visitors. But don’t overuse texts because that can cause you to ignore your gig.

Don’t forget to use eye-catching typography on your gig image. Using attractive fonts is a good way to get visitors’ attention to your topic.

Don’t take others’ concept

Most of the newcomers use to see higher-rated gigs to get the concept of their gig’s image. it is a good way to get a sense of how you create your one perfectly but if you go to fully copy others gig image, then it won’t be acceptable anymore.

You should be unique and relevant to make gigs for your Fiverr gig. To ensure the best gig image for yourself, it will be better to employ some editing techniques in this regard. If you know photo editing techniques like background removal service, color correction, manipulation, and others, you are so much ahead on the way to creating a distinct gig image.

But if you don’t have these techniques, then you should take the help of a professional gig designer or you can use such free tools to create one for you.

No badges

It is so important to check that you aren’t using any badge or icon similar to it. no matter how professional you are, a fiver isn’t allowing any badge or certificate display on the gig’s image. If you do so, a fiver will surely ban your gig because it is strictly against the TOCs of the fiver. So, you shouldn’t use any badge or certificates on your gig image. just keep it simple but catching and clear.


Finally, you can make the whole gig image with the illustrated theme. It is not so necessary to use real images. You can take illustrational artwork, and vector concepts to create the gig image. they are so effective in getting first impressions from visitors and allure to give a check to your profile.

Hope this article will help you to understand the important points of the Fiverr gig image. if you read this article carefully and apply all this information, then you can surely make an impressive gig image for a fiver.


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